Rocket Skates Review!

Rocket Skates Review!

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Swegway Review:
Boosted Board Review:

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Cuda FX says:

so they’re awkward to ride, have dangerous bugs, over all dont function well, and you look like a fool, for just 500-1200 bucks. who could say no to that?

tommy fiorello says:

lol that dumb fuck r riding them wrong

Darth Tyranus says:

jet set radioooooooo

aserta says:

Take these, gut the rubbish control electronics. Hack in a remote like a the Boosted Board and then we’re talking. Otherwise, these are the dumbest skates ever. Even the motorized 20 cm twin wheel skates i had back as a kid in the 90s were better designed.

Contra Reis says:


ho le says:

this guy is an idiot

kid gamer says:

try the r5 they are wayyyyyy better

ygnaciö 1233 says:

you are a shit of yputuber

loopiewho says:

an excellent review thank you
i was gonna get these like you i love anything new and fast ,,but the price ,oh my well ,no way !
but i thought about it and i thought if i got over a bump or hole in these i’ve had it so…
i thought it would turn me unexpectedly and i did not like this idea at all
I live in london uk and the pavements are not great here !

so i bought a ninebot mini wow i love it and that was 2 months ago and i have been every where on it
i use it every day i go for the longest rides along the Thames and i go to the beach in Brighton
i go to the shops restaurants meet friends
i take it on the trains and the trams and busses not a problem
but they wont let me ride it in the stations ,bummer ,
but its 12.8kgs so i can just about carry it although i do tend to drag it behind me in that case
its so much fun its so stable and easy to ride never had a prang never even had a flip its awesome .
the only thing was when it first came it had a speed limit on it which because i could not get the app to work i could not turn off and finally a month later i got the dam app to work and turned that dam stupid speed limit off and its been fab ever since .how ever i do wish it would go a bit faster ,and i do wish that stupid bleeping that happens every time you get to its top speed would just ,f off ,but so long as you wearing head phones you dont hear that ,you still have to put up with it putting the breaks on thou ,major bummer .but i am addicted its fab love it to bits recommend it highly to anyone any age
they also charge up quickly and seriously i have only ever seen it run out of power when i used it all day and night long once ,and i did that just to see what it does in that case it just goes to empty batt and goes so slow then it just stands still and then turns off ,which is great it dont through you off like i though it might do safe and great i trust it all the way to the bank i want a boosted board next but they ain’t cheap either any tips where to buy one for a good price cheers mate

stephaniehi laughlin says:


Milk Xl gaming says:

They suck just get skate shoes the shoes with one wheel on it

Deven ko says:

it like ATs from an anime name Air Gear

McstEvie TV says:

Air gear anyone

the turbo turtle says:


孙英耀 says:

rocket shoe vs some 20 heely and street glider

TheDarkMinecraftian says:

Two words.
Air Gear.
Thats wright this is the first step to the Air Trek from Air Gear.

Leena Alkholy says:

What do you suggest the booster board or the hover board please if you answer me can you have experience with both at least?

ACTON says:

Thanks for your review video!!

ErikThePieMan says:

Seems like the dumbest fucking product that ever made it to production. How the hell did these even past boardroom screening as an idea??

stephaniehi laughlin says:


John H. Kingston lll says:

I just saw these things on Shark Tank and they asked for one million dollars with only 3.5%. Everything that you found issue with was brought up by the sharks. And they had no idea about the app. And these guys refused to go past 7% These things seem cool but like everything it’s probably more of a fad. Specially at 400 and 500 hundred. They ultimately didn’t except any of the sharks offer. Peace

redshirt rage says:

Look guys they’re selling them starting at $100 at, omg, they have 4 wheels now and they can let you carve the pavement and develop skill!

Flowmoshun says:

Good thing someone made this very useless thing.

Akyel Collier says:

AIR GEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andri Kurniawan says:

AT (airtrek) anime airgear,Semakin menjadi nyata..

Dan Rigsley says:

WTF is this crap? Ironman is calling for you. Epic fail!!!lol Just stick with a board.

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