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http://www.rollergirlskates.com Exclusive Roller Girl Skates product review of the Riedell R3 Derby Skates by Trigger Mortis. Copyright Roller Girl Skates.


Troy Mcgee says:

Man I want the stopper off it I be speed skate

Ashleigh Fletcher says:

I just got some 🙂

cojaco61 says:

speed groove, bahahahaha. What a load of rubbish

Leona Caitlin Simblante says:

give me one roller skates please because i wish that i will have roller skates please

TheWordUnSpoken says:

Looks like an attempt to remake the Carrera skates that were $120 about 4-5 years ago. If that’s true, this skate will do great things. I never owned a pair of Carreras but working at the skate counter I sold about 500 of them in about 4 months time.

Seth W says:

zodiacs. epic wheels.

needfbsponsers says:

do they have anything for men? those skates look tighttt

cody oakes says:

So i have the ridell raiders so since i poweslide stop most of the time whats some good wheels to get because the grip on the wheels i have are horrible

Dozerbeatz - Mixing/Mastering ITB says:

So, if this is a derby quad skate, is there a regular quad speed skate? What is the difference, or is it listed as something else?

Alexis Molina says:

Can you skate outside with the R3 without damaging them? Or can you only use them on the track???

D. Steen says:

Have had a pair of these for several years. Pretty good quality, with swiss bearings, they’re freakishly fast. My daughter uses them now. But would recommend them as a good starter skate.

The Tick says:

I’m learning merby and have R3’s and they fit fine 🙂

MsBlamTheHitman says:

Im not old enought to do roller derby but i still want to learn how to roller skate. Would this skate be good to start on? I would be skateing outside mostly so would i have to get out door wheels?

Orane Et HeylloJun' says:

what about r3 white ?

Ornella Perrotta says:

im sorry can i ask u about ridell dart? is the same skate that r3 or whats the diference? im going to buy some skates next week but i don’t know if its better dart or r3. sorry 4 my bad english. kisses from argentina

Darian Morgan says:

What does R3 tuner mean? I’m new to derby and have the R3 Derby just trying to figure out what I can do to them =]

sickquads4me says:

Just bought my daughter a pair of R3s
4christmas she loves them..

Heather says:

You’ll need to buy outdoor wheels, which can be found on their website.

GothicKittyMadness says:

Your hair is lush! :O

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