Razor jets review. shoe roller skates down a hill lets see how far, and fast he can go?

Kids tries out the razor jets down a hill kinda cool!!! shoe roller skates down a hill how fast will he go and will he wreck?



John Sterling says:

There is a right and a left, the strap tab should be on the outside of each foot.

Raquel Cartwright says:

Guys 1:53

J C says:

Do you know what a cactus is? I bet not.

Ziggidyzig2040 says:

1:53 “WOWOWOWOWO” i died

티토티 says:

못탄다 ㅎㅎ

Matts Masterpeice says:

did anyone notice at 3:05 he was iching his balls

Thabang Thabang says:

Please what to see Nathan drive a stick shift car

gamer dude videos/gaming says:

some shoe’s

Leo Fan says:

I’m 14 just gottem uhh I can’t do it

Central Gaming says:

And I’m going to get green razo

J C says:

What’s a pinecone as you mentioned in 2:03? Is it just something you see in the forest? I live in the desert.

Central Gaming says:

I’m going to get razo in crismas

patricia konah says:

I’m getting a razor jetts

Breezy says:

3:03 wtf

Isaiah Conway says:


Luna wolf says:

he has the girl ones

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