Osprey Adjustable Quad Roller Skates | Skates.co.uk Review

Ben Grace gives a full explanation of the Osprey Adjustable Quad Roller Skates. You can purchase them at http://www.skates.co.uk at the following link:


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Pets for life 101 says:

I have been trying to alter my daughters skates for the past hours – the tabs are very awkward to get hold of and they do not just move any help on this would be great – otherwise they are going to the next car boot!

christine johnson says:

These videos of yours are completely unhelpful. I cannot adjust the size for my daughter. Very disappointing!

Patrick Manevski says:

Cool plus first

Gloria Sarp says:

how the hell do u adjust these? mine didn’t come with any instructions

haleyrob21 says:

if you’re looking for a video to find out how to adjust these skate good luck i couldn’t find one but i did figure out how to adjust them, you see the white tab with a screw in it if you’re anything like me then you unscrewed that screw that looks like it needs unscrewing and that’s where you’re going wrong. the screw stays in and you just push both the white tabs down at the same time and adjust the heal part of skate to where you want it. its very very easy once you know how but if you dont know you can very easily smash these skates up 😉

Ghazal Haqani says:

I’m trying to figure out how to adjust the size and find this video quite unhelpful 🙁

snowgirl snow says:

wanted to know how to adjust these……totally unhelpful vid! pls demonstrate how to adjust. thanks.

Mariam Sirokh says:

I just got the purple ospery skates AND THEY LOOK AQESOME

vanessa knipe says:

how do you adjust these 

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