Off Road Inline Skate, Powerslide Metropolis SUV Skate Review By Bill Stoppard

Off Road inline Skates SUV Metropolis by Powerslide reviewed by City Skater Bill Stoppard. The Pros and Cons are presented after a couple of off road rollerblading and a little on road BIG wheel blading.

All terrain inline skates with short frame, big wheel skates from Pro Skaters Place @ The online store with the craziest skate toys. Remember the best inline skater will pad it out when in doubt.

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Jordan Calhoun says:


Kate Dunno says:

Just a little info for those leg cramps. go to your fridge and grab the bottle of yellow mustard. you can use a spoon but you don’t have to. start eating the mustard. normally within 10 minutes my thigh muscles have released. and it doesn’t come back the rest of the night. I don’t know why it works but it really does. got this info from a bodybuilder. it really does work

tangente00 says:

the review does not include the question if you can grind with them on rails 🙂

Robin says:

I am up in the air between this skate and the LandRoller. Has anyone tried both?

Matt Clark says:

Take em to a ski resort in summer, will solve the hill climb issue if you use a chairlift..

Kate Dunno says:

Next time you get leg or muscle cramps, take a table spoon of regular yellow mustard. I know it sounds crazy but it works. Got the idea from a body builder on You tube. I thought it sounded crazy, but it really does work.

Kārlis Kalējs says:

Are you Tl;Dr?

The Aussie Ninja says:

thanks a lot now i have to get a pair of these

ps. love the vids

james saunders says:

snd i’d hit the like button but its at 666…so….i’ll be back

سنيورينا سنيورينا says:


Dire Wolfy says:

Do you still answer questions? if so here is one, Do you ever consider to purchase speedskates?

Daniel Souza says:

its been a year already. how about hit some MTB trails with these? it’s about time these show up again.

Pensées Sales says:

downhill in Forest? Posible?

Spencer Han says:

I’m praying bad kids don’t learn about these. they’ll be snatchin shit left and right and no way cops can get them. up stairs,through shopping malls you name it. cops gonna need extra bikes to get them.

Richard Pruett says:

if you are looking fif a longer hill tk clime go to china tge great wall of china should be a biv hill for you to clime

NUVO vision says:

hahaha….amazing review. very funny 🙂

Jefi11 says:

more vídeos on SUV please.

Joe Formoso says:


Gechuan Xu says:

What’s the brand of this skates?

Vuk Nikolic says:

Dude, you are f..awesome! Thanks for the introduction, I am buying these tonight btw 🙂

Владимир Котов says:

Успеем добежать до канадской границы!

james saunders says:

great for a workout for actual blading……i use a weight vest when i blade, and when i take it of to blade its fuckin amazing, and when i hit grass i run…..i wouldn’t waste money on these

Super perfect Stranger says:

you should make a weed eater motor on a stick with a wheel to get uphill

Ricky Bobby says:

Hi mate. do you know if you can fit a standard 125mm megacruiser wheel to these frames? I know you can buy the Tri skate megacruiser frame but wondered if you could just switch wheels? Thanks

JNariOrtz says:

so cool!

BaddaBoomBig says:

I love the Narration on your videos, but this one takes the cake

Bill Hale says:

Some of the sexiest prose ever. Preach on, My KneeGrow.

MilkCow says:

He promised more videos with those on if we are a subscriber. Yet, no more videos with those on and I am a subscriber. Please explain.

Lev says:

Are you reciting a poem??

Paul Lawary says:

Just a thought, I have an old pair of hypno skates, they detach so you can walk or put the ice blades on, wondered if it may be profitable to add a pair of off roaders in as well, chuck the blades you are not using in a small backpack. I know the hypnos used to be used by paris police for chasing crime on the underground, they were developed by dupont, pretty tough muthers

Robin Thornton says:

What is this “Zamboni” of which he speaks?

snouty snouterson says:

you are awesome Bill. I love your videos

philip sebastian wassilli holzhausen says:

DUDE RESPECT ; Ihit the stairs front oralley oop that would be ill and youd get a section on VG ….30? so hill stairs roll down emm backwards. ( dont even worry stairs fakie is easier than forwards ne way looks sick aand just thinking that you could hit upa bmx track and do dirt jumps is a wwhole new dimension, blading just got a whoe new direction with the thre big(huge/inflateable) wheels/tires kike speed or offroad! 125mm speed skates must be supa fast , (not with those tires tho obv)

Damian Lewandowski says:

If i have more wheels should i ride faster?

Cloxxki says:

Awesome work!
Grass of course is plentiful in urban areas. But what about fire roads, forest and gravel soil, would they work as replacements for cross-country skis on snow?
These seem similar to Coyotes which reportedly “sortof” worked.
I am trying to come up with advanced solutions to out-roll wheels, basically, as tiny wheels don’t do offroad, and big ones don’t fit on skates. I have a design, sortof, and it’s radical beyond most anyone’s imagination, but designing the details to deal with any amount of dirt is a challenge.
I want to skate-ski, with poles, at snow-like effort and speed over trails that are used in winter with snow.

Vincent says:

I think you leave near me

xsjado man says:

I have been Rollerblading for 16 years and must say these look fun, I shall be getting a pair asap. Great video.

eric rodrigues says:

“Off Road Inline Skate” looks like more amazing

Mijam Trg says:


fredbertille says:

Could you give me your impression beetwin rollerblade Coyote VS Metropolis?

Hellcat Gamer says:

I love the comedy man. Keep it going (Recreational skater Appleton, Wisconsin)

Marcelo Mendez says:

best psi for the tires?? great vid

Average Guy says:

Sweet video

SuperHarryace says:

You are the best!

Mr Fiction says:

can you start a story channel your voice is amazing lmao

jack oreilly says:


Alexandru Vlad says:


Rick Anderson says:

haha,…nice clip buddy…i was the first rollerblader in Canada to skate at the water filtration plant there in the Beaches..1982……looking for something ‘off road’…so great review….and recommendation for a specific brand?…btw i used to skate down those grassy hills with the original ‘Lightning” skates…since the City keeps the grass there pretty manicured.

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