New Moxi Lolly Roller Skates! Unboxing and tips!

At the Moxi Roller Skate Shop we want to make sure you know about your roller skates and how to adjust them. In this video you will get a brief introduction to your new roller skates and the items that come inside of your Moxi Lolly Skate box.

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Eloise Pacey says:

Can you guys please stock a solid coloured vegan roller skate online because I don’t really like the animal print ones

Bia ferreira says:

mandem também para o Brasil :(((

imunperfect says:

I have one pair of Moxi roller skates, where can I get that tool?

Symbionic Musician says:

man these roller skates are EXPENSIVE!! I think I’ll buy quads and inline skates at decathlon instead

Just Kiri says:

will i still be able to buy some here in new zealand and how would i go about that ??

Tessa McDaniel says:

how do i order one of these boxes?

gabisteinle says:

Saving up for some Moxi’s! I love your hoodie too!

Maya Cortez says:

I wish I could get some but I’m a size four and they run big.

That Hip Girl says:

I wish they were a little cheaper, they’re more expensive once it’s converted to australia dollars ugh but they looks so cute and seem great quality >-<

hondacivet says:

Came for skate porn, stayed for the super helpful skate setup instructions! Thank you Pigeon!

Taylor Wright says:

How do I know which pair of skates are right for me? I want to learn to skate so I can join my local roller derby. I want to find a pair that I can use for both casual learning and then later down the road possibly use the for roller derby. If I need to buy one pair to learn and then another pair later that is fine. I just don’t know which would be best for me.

strictcolt7 says:

there so exspensive!

Etienne Crowe says:

Love these vids. Thank you! 😀

Vicky Tang says:

So I’m a size 4.5 but like how big is that on a skate bc I don’t want one really big

Bleumoon Selene says:

I have a question. Can a beginner tighten their wheels a bit more for less of a free roll until they’re comfortable on their skates? I have poor balance so a tighter wheel might benefit me.

Besties Forever Crazy Girls says:

Now i now what i want for my BIRTHDAY hahahahahahahahahaha

Trin S. says:

Who could dislike this video? Pigeon is so sweet and informative, and just why???

Bestic 24 says:

I am trying to earn money by doing chores to by the teal/mint ones!!!! So exited!!

Jess and Ella Wildeman says:

Question: Do y’all sell roller blades?

Wilczyca says:

Very good and useful info. Thank you for this vid 🙂

Minz Muffin says:

why Are they so expensive 🙁

Sniper Wolfu says:


Victoria Tz says:

You should open a store in Mexico 😛

Free the Knee says:

Do you have a website for the British? I really want to buy a pair

נויה גודובניק says:

Wat is the prays

Chocolate Sushi says:

I live in Mexico

Catherine Tuesta says:

i loved every second of this video! the close ups! i feel like this is the closest i will ever be to a pair of moxis

Jill B. says:

I’m saving up to buy a pair as well! I plan on doing a lot of outdoor skating in my town. Do we have to place an order by email or is it best to order on your site? 🙂

Mixed Kat says:

How would I find out my size in the skates? I’m going to ask my parents if I can get some, but because of the cost I might not be able to get them.

Andrea Rivera says:

Omg I live in Germany and finally saved enough money for them! So ordered a pair yesterday!! my Boyfriend’s dad is coming in 2 weeks so he will bring them to me, really hope they arrive to his place on time! I love watching your videos and the vibe u gals have is amazing! Greetings from Germany!

Marshmellowie ! says:

How do you order them?

Some Potato who loves Zoro, BTS, Anime, and K-pop says:

where do you get some!!!!!

Nikki_best Annie_best says:

Do love you so much you are the best person every I ben learn how to skate from you and it helped a lot thanks


Oh my! I love them. Now mind you, I used to skate, when I was a teenager in the late 60’s and now a few times with my grand kids. Thing is, the skating rink is soooo far from me. We have nice sidewalks here and really want to get some Moxi’s and roll on them. Any tips for me?

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