MY NEW SKATES! (Marsblade FMT ONE Review)

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Tomy Nguyễn says:

Do you use wooden stick or composite stick for roller blade hockey ?

Fade says:


Lv H says:

-43$cad with your discount nasher! thank you!

Owen Canini says:

Get this bearings for a fidget spinner

autism 1 says:


Nick Ish says:

You should tweet out when and where you have games. I live in Pittsburgh but I’m in Colombus a lot bc I have family there. Would be cool to see one of your games.

Joshua Gardner says:

Doesn’t it damage the wheels to put them in the oven?

Charles Cortez says:

nashers go to move fake forehand to quick backhand

HAYDEN A says:

999 like

Remynx says:

What is the outro song? btw love your vids!

Jeremiah Hatch says:

Is that ricegum rapping?

Wiggy 888 says:

How do you stop on those things,is it like a hockey stop to the side or what?

RedPandaVideos says:

How Old Are You Nasher?

David Brown says:

whats the fit like on the skate compared to a Bauer? would they be like a nexus, supreme or a vapour?

Official Channel of Bavel Parber says:

Nice video the music was sweet

Jack Duncan says:

your my favorite youtuber because you can actually play hockey and you play nhl 18 so your not a complete video game nerd.

TheUltimateBears_9888KillaWholeLottaGangShit says:

Try hard

FranktheTank says:

Nasher you got some nice dangles going on out there

Johnny R says:

Lol that baking bit was so funny keep up the great work Nasher!

HowTo : says:

Aye a fellow left handed player

Thomas Andrews says:

Hey basher just wondering if u know of any cheaper alternatives

Luis XIV says:

Nobody mentions the ‘cons’. Thanks for letting us know they’re a bit heavy. Still gonna buy them with your code.

Chris Rossomando says:

How’s the sizing in relation to sneaker size? Thanks Nasher!

Nasher says:

Hope you enjoyed this review of the new Marsblade FMT One’s! If you have any questions please let me know, I’ll answer all of them 🙂 If you’d like to purchase the Marsblades, visit and use code NASHER61 for 10% off.

aaron maxim says:

Did this to my graf 704’s with the leather boot in high school….on 350 degrees…annnd had rack grill marks melted into boot. I was such a moron… lesson learned

Madison Mccurry says:

Does anyone know if they come in wider sizes? On the website I’m only seeing D, I wear EE in bauer and they say they fit similar, just wondering so i dont order them and get disappointed.

Arlobarlo1 says:


Aaron Florendo says:

NASHER it’s time for you to play some NARCh hockey

Icy Edits says:

Does that not just destroy your blade playing on cement like that. I always bought wooden sticks to play in cement with because it just chews up hockey blades but I noticed you and barber both use normal sticks

Sky Nathan says:

Nice review. FYI tried the coupon code and it says “no longer valid”. Bummer.

AJ Hockey says:

One of the best reviews I have ever seen for anything

ITzTony Toneh says:

Hey nasher can you kinda keep us updated on how they are on your ankles ? I have been skating in one of the newer tours with a sock and a ankle brace and they are still hurting my ankles. any tips or tricks would be appreciated

GodMetal says:

music is terrible

America Hky says:

love you videos

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