My New Moxi Roller Skates

I made this video just for fun. If you’ve got any tips, tricks, or recommendations let me know in the comments!


Julie Purpleskater says:

Don’t you just LOVE them? I got my first pair of Moxis last summer, and that’s the only kind I’ll ever buy from now on. I recently started going to skate parks with my friends, and Moxis are awesome for that, too… a whole new world of skating!

Tanya Carabio says:

Thanks for the review! Keep it up

Emily Smith says:

When you lace up around the eyelets instead of going under you should wrap around from the top to prevent bending and get a more secure lace

Erica says:

Hey Erica! 😉

Catherine Tuesta says:

Such a dream!! <3 <3 Enjoy them!! I started roller skating inspired by a music video too! lol It was called Love is free and a lot of the Moxi team girls were on that video and i fell in love! Roller skating is such a beautiful and inspiring community <3 I hope one day i can get myself a pair of Moxis too <3

Chloe Byrne says:

You should do some more skating videos. Really enjoyed this one!

Kate Albin says:

This makes me so excited to get mine, especially now that we haven’t been having snow! Hope you’ve been having fun on yours. 🙂

Nicole Howard says:

Great video, Erica! I have gotten into skating in the past few months and have some new moxis too. I have been doing a learn to skate course with my local derby league and even if you don’t aspire to do derby I really recommend doing something similar if you’re keen. I have learnt t-stops, plow stops, carving, jumping, transitions etc all in a couple months. I am subscribing, so I hope you keep going and keep making videos!

Jacksepitceye says:

Always makes me happy seeing people own moxi skates..been roller skating for maybe 4 years ..not the best at it, don’t have Moxi skates but damn. I love their youtube channel and their skates look like the best ones out there. Just a shame they’re on the pricey side 🙂

Mikayla Longmire says:

Omg, i just got mine today and its the same one

EXOxaus At3am says:

I recently got a pair of the Moxi jungle vegan leopard skates

SimplyElan says:

You are on my frequency! Lol. I’ve got the same ones except with pink wheels. happy skating!

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