My Moxi Beach Bunny Unboxing & Review

In this episode of Planet Roller Skate, Indy Jamma Jones does a Moxi Beach Bunny roller skate unboxing and review. HUGE thanks to A-Bomb for the help filming –


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funny kids gaming says:

hey indy. i have big feet in moxi i would be a size 10 and i really want to skate around on halloween. so if i got skates would the beach bunnys or the lollys be here faster? i have no idea which i should get. btw i’m trying to buy them at the end of september

Flamingo Birb says:

Yay! I’m so happy you did this! I got my peach ones two weeks or so and I love them! After the first two days they were already pretty fitted to my feet,it’s so much fun and since I’ve started skating I’ve noticed two other girls skating around! Defiantly a good, cheap alternative to the lollys

ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali says:

Can edea pianos work lol

Brande Brangain says:

I want size 12Wide skates my feet are enormous.

Danielle Vernon says:

I have the bunnies too and I love them! Indy, can you do a video where you explain how to clean bearings and wheels? My skates desperately need them and I would love a PRS video about it!

Deejay Kakashka says:

Dear, First of all u inspired me sooooo much and I would like to say Thank You! I also have a question, what US size should I choose if my feet length is 26cm? Love u! Xxxxxx

Celestite says:

What should I do when one of my skates drills to one perticular side?

My left shoe always goes right by itself and especially when trying ramp skating for the first time this is really bad for the skating and for my selfconfidence in my skates 😮

(Of course they are NOT Moxi Skates. I’ll soon buy my own pair of Moxis!)


Do you already have Beach Bunny skates? Comment to share your review with the Planet Roller Skaters! 😀

Liz Shackleford says:

I have had mine for about six weeks I think? Mine are the sky blue ones. I only skate a couple of times a week and I’m still working on getting the courage to go outside, so they still look pristine. 🙂 I love them, and I get compliments on them almost every time I go to the rink. They aren’t super common here in Australia, and I haven’t run into anyone else here in person who has a pair. I couldn’t justify the cost of the Lollies yet, and while I’m not exactly a beginner (returning to skating after a couple of decades away) I’d never owned my own quads, and I had owned some quite stiff iceskates and some inlines, so the stiff ankle feels just right. I had noticed the lack of edges, or rather my coach had. 🙂 they are better with loosening the trucks a bit, but I might look into changing the bushings some time. I’d also noticed the squeak from time to time- again, that is better with loosening the wheel nuts a touch, but still there, especially when you are trying to lean into those edges. Thanks for the review!

Nayara Membreno says:

I have a question if I’m a size 9 in women should I i size up or down??

EllaLikesPizza ! says:

I have a pair of Rio Roller skates, and they don’t have a heal…. also when I try to do a T STOP or a TURN AROUND TOE STOP, I just fall on my face…

forever.nostalgic says:

Ive been doing some outdoor skating with my white vinyl angel skates. And theyve got a bit dirty, could you do a video on how to clean vinyl leather skate boots?

Tessalala Skates says:

I love my beach bunny boot! You’re right about the trucks. SO STIFF. I have already taken the boot off the plate – after updating the cushions/bushings and didn’t find any difference. I am planning to put the boot on a new place and I’ve started to look into how to fill the original drill holes and have been recommended to use an auto epoxy (for PVC) or goo gone. The wheels are so much fun and I love them.

I would still purchase another pair of Beach Bunnies in the future because I think they’re so much fun.

Thea says:

Hey guys so i sadly have to save up for my own snakes and like i get a half a dolar a day so i can’t wait that long to get 150$ and i found this brand called Rookie, I’m pretty new to roller skating (actually haven’t even tried roller skating) and idk anything about it so can anyone fill me in about the brand and is it good?

Star_ MoonXD says:

I love your videos you are
I ncredible
N o give up
Dvo your best!!!! 🙂
Y ou

Adora Mae says:

Guess who just got paid!
Guess who wants new roller skates!

Cherish Daly says:

I’ve had the bunnies for over 6 months. I’m a skate hop at sonic drive in and they’ve held up well! I love the wheels!! Because at sonic it’s super slick inside and outside it’s concrete.

Emma Baranyaiova says:

I have them in blue. I love them. And I love you people! You are awesome and stylish and everything.

Maddie Dog Art says:

Does anyone know how the sizes work

joknowswhy says:

Are the trucks more bendy on the Lolli?

The 3 Complete Nutters No 1 says:

Please make more colours!!

Melissa Stewart says:

I have the peach blanket ones I have updated my boot and I use Derby spark laces, Cheezeball bearings, Gumball super toe stops, and your Moxi Luminous light up wheels I notice I used the hell out of the gummy ones and now I have tried the light up wheels at the park and they fly me up the walls more than the gummy ones! But I love the beach bunny ones! I agree with you that you cant turn super easy but I notice I glide with them quite nicely after I’ve used them for about 7 months ever since I started my Moxi skating. I would love to change the plate but right now don’t have the money the plates are one of the most expensive things on the skate. Imma plug my insta if you guys wanna see my beach bunny light up wheels in action!
Love the toe guards as well your skates last longer if you put those baby’s on!
INSTAGRAM- missysue123

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