Moxi Rollerskates Review – Lolly Boot VS Jack Boot

In this video I compare the new Moxi Jack boot to the much loved Moxi Lolly boot! I’ve wanted to make a video for a long time, it’s one of the things that pushed me to start vlogging on here! In this video I am discussing the BOOT ONLY, not any of the stock hardware.

One thing I forgot to mention, the Jack boot comes standard in one vibrant, gorgeous color, Jade! It’s a lush teal. Similar to the Pool Blue color, but a little greener. If you want a different color boot, for an additional fee, you can pick from any of the existing suede colors in the Moxi palette and order it custom through a skateshop that carries Moxi! (I believe it’s an additional $90)

ALSO! Jack Boots come in HALF-SIZES! Neato!

Here is Gwen Goolie’s Moxi Cleaning Tutorial!




Lisa Lister says:

Aweseome review video! Can’t wait to try the Jack boot!


super lit B

Tiffany Gorski says:

The little bambi in the background is such a cute detail. It’s got such a spunky personality!

brandigr2 says:

Nice video! I just switched from a very flat blade to a new one with a huge heal pad. I didn’t like it at first; however, with the position of the foot being more on your toes had made me pop up off of ramps much more easily. It’s weird. I feel like I can jump onto ledges more easily as well. I can see while that heal works well!

Sydney Marie says:

Question: Are the beach bunny skates a different boot than the lollys/jack boot?

Tiffany Gorski says:

Also this video is super informal. I am still on my Lolly’s and if I can get better at ramp skating I will definitely invest in the Jackboot. But for now my Lolly’s are perfect for my beginner stages.

lizb says:

It’s shallow, but I’d like to see more colour options, especially some darker colours like burgundy or navy. I know candy colours are part of Moxi’s branding but I don’t feel like they go with anything I own, haha.

Guillermo Huapeo says:

I bougut myself a pair of Moxi Lolly Taffy boots around May of last year. I have outdoor wheels on them at the moment but I’m thinking of getting indoor wheels for when I go to a nearby roller rink. I also want to get myself a skate leash but not sure what color. A cousin of mine would like to get a pair for her daughter by summer (her b-day). They are slightly expensive but worth it in my opinion. I did my homework on almost everything before buying and I wanted to go for a product more true to made in the U.S. so thats why I chose Moxi, rather than a product that is sold oversea (you can correct me if Im wrong).

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