In this episode of Planet Roller Skate Indy and Windy review the Moxi Lolly roller skate! Join them in the Moxi Skate Shop as they discuss the manufacturing process, awesome features, and useful information about the Lolly skate.


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Detuned Gloom


Cat says:

Can you review the vegan ones???? How do they compare?

Megan S says:

Mine didn’t come with the tool 🙁

We Are The Strange says:

I’m in love with these skates! I need to save for them!!

Noelle’s Productions says:

Where would the size chart be located on your website?

Tatiana _Cupcake says:

Do you sell them outside of U.S. too?Lot of kisses from Greece ❤️

Emily Bailey says:

i love the women and the values behind moxi skates and i’d love to buy a pair of lollies BUT i won’t buy leather, ever. i know we have the beach bunnies as an option now (and i’m thrilled about it) but it would be cool if we could someday get something closer to Lolly quality/comfort/durability in a vegan-friendly skate

rowdybliss says:

Honey, you are an ACE salesperson. Just ordered mine and, now that the snow is almost all melted, I’m super-jazzed to skate in them! Thanks so much for your thorough and thoughtful review. <3

SumisuSnape says:

I’m a bit confused about the Shops. Is there a difference between yours and the moxiskateshop?

Erin Lynn says:

Would nylon plates hold up for park skating or would you recommend switching to metal plates?

forallyntents says:

I bought a pair of Moxis last July after emailing with Pigeon about sizing. I have wide feet and cannot wear these for more than a few minutes without a ton of pain on the bottom of my foot. I’ve laced them for wide feet, don’t clench my feet, and I’ve even gotten custom inserts. It’s honestly heartbreaking. These videos and skates launched my love for skating, but I can’t wear them for long periods of time. Indy if you have any other suggestions I would appreciate it so much!!

Melina Idalia says:

Is there a custom color option, or was that just for team members?

Blade & Soul says:

hey! im planning on getting a pair of moxis… im size 6.. what size of moxis should i get??

Mona Lisa says:

I already have moxi lollies but i’m watching anyway!

Sara Patel says:

Beach bunny review?

Kathleen CARR says:

i just got purple Moxi lollies 🙂 they are great! i got them 5 hours ago and i wore them out of the store and still haven’t taken them off,, so fun! thanks for this review :))

Destinyishere says:

I bought mine and got them last week and love them. Everyone says there cute. I’m excited for this week cause I’ll have more time to skate. I feel like money well spent.

Géraldine Pilard-Murray says:

Do you sell them outside of the US, can you ship them to France?

hailey724 says:

I just bought a pair of beach bunnies 3 days ago after watching some of your videos! Ive been practicing everyday! Thanks for the great videos 🙂

The Mad Natter 787 says:

You literally answered all of my questions w. this review!!! Btw, Definitely keep mentioning/linking the shop bc I’ve been browsing for a few months now and the website doesn’t appear right off the bat (it’s annoying actually). Maybe it’s bc I’m on the East Coast? Idk. Love your site, love your videos, you’re Awesome!! ! -Nat

Sydney Svoboda says:

I got a pair of lollys this christmas and I LOVE them. They are worth every penny. Went out and wore them for 6 hours as soon as I got them and it was GREAT. No blisters and super comfortable. Would highly recommend.

hondacivet says:

Do you know if the sizing is the same as other Riedell boots? Also what width are they on the Riedell scale? I’m trying to figure out my size based on my Riedell derby boot size. Thanks!

Emily Mc Guigan says:


Kristen says:

Amazing! I recently purchased skates and I wanted to ask:
1) I purchased from the direct website itself “Moxi shop” that was given on the Instagram pg. Does it matter which site I bought it from?
2) what is the best possible method from refraining the skates taking quite a beating
Thank you so much for your review

Ella Grace says:

I love my lollys! <3


Indy, do you know wich is the size in centimeters of the smaller Lolly boot?? My foot is really small and the only way to buy a pair of moxi is by internet. but im not very sure about size, i know im going to buy the smaller, because im size 4, but im afraid they still be big for me…

Aislin McGrath says:

I love them so much but they are $500 in Australia

MehMehLS says:

I come here for the music ! And the for great Indy also 🙂

pam zehner says:

I would get them but I’m size US 11 Women’s!! :// please like this so they can make the size’s bigger too!!!!

Huntington Beach Sasquatch says:

Would love to get them for my twins., …But!..$$$$!!!

Juicy Solstice says:

You guys are #squadgoals

Joanna Wojciechowska says:

What’s the maximum user’s weight? I’ve been trying to find out for a couple of weeks now. Help! 🙂

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