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The Moxi Skate Team is an all-female roller-skating club out of Long Beach, CA. The girls love having fun — while breaking down barriers.

Here on Fearless Femme, we document the journeys of females leading by example in various career fields. Learn what drives and fuels this daring women who work on Fearless Femme!

Brawlers is celebrating women in sports and delivering a fresh look at some of the most accomplished female athletes in the world who are eliminating the distinction between strength and beauty.

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Kumamon Satan :3 says:

Skate shishters

Ban Dguz says:


Macaroon Girl says:


Ellie Masters says:

this looks like so much fun!! i would always wear a helmet tho lol

savage samie says:

Can I be in the sister hood even tho I’m a boy???

Looloo And Nibbles Hamies says:

I have watched this like 10000000 times

Justin Lem says:

Femme = woman I’m learning french

александр крупников says:

Что за сообщество толстых феминисток-роллерш? Почему у меня это в рекомендованных?

sky peters says:

Can do this highways everywhere

Rosa Gomex says:

Ya niyo lopuedo aser enseñenme

Estela Rangel says:

Wats no si my name na whoy tovynyyet god aftenoot wnot tededes

Ashlyn Tatiana says:

I love seeing people from Long Beach record there and showing the city and the amazing people that have come from there (I’m from Long Beach)

Anny_34_06 says:


kristine 0075 says:

Boys prob good at skate board but we rule in roller skates so why make fun of gurls

annoano ! says:

fucking supers you funky little lesbians

memes are a payne says:

I can’t skate reee

Lianne Witkin says:

love love love

FoxyPlaysRoblox says:

I’m inspired

Syd Lou Dene says:

SO fucking cool. This is what people need

ChloeScrafton says:

i love skating and this video is so good!!

Caid Agnew says:

I tryed this once, and the first move I made, I fell onto a concrete slab , and a bird laughed at me.

Prince Zeta RozenAzure says:

These vibes are so great! You girls rock!!

Eva Luna says:

wow you love

Mariana Ortiz says:


The Hard Headed Ginger says:

I want to roller skate and if i could than my name would be Ginger Snap lol

theemutsenfabriek says:

Im so gay

India Jones says:

That’s funny the second girl has my name

kawie panda says:

And we ice skaters just stand in the corner because we can’t roller skate so we cry silently

Jolie Mullins says:

I want to be in a girl gang :'(

ghostbooger says:


Palomino roan horses Are cute says:

Do roll or blades count as skates? LOL

MusicGirl101 #VbJordyn says:

I so want to roler skate but im not aloud to my dad said im not aloud buying any!

Maytê . Pavan says:

Soy luna??

Tyler Thompson says:

That’s so cool and that would be hard considering how heavy skates can be

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