Impala Rollerskates Review!

Hello!!!!!!!! I hope this helps you decide whether you want to purchase some Impala skates or not 🙂 I think they are a great choice for beginners (with a few exceptions). I do follow a few people on Instagram that skate with these at the skate park and do awesome tricks with them, so if they can do that you can certainly start skating on these!

Instagram: the.exploring.eva

Also! Sorry for the mess behind me! I was unpacking from a trip to New York when I decided to film ha ha

Impala Roller Skates on Amazon:

Toe Stops on Amazon:

yutaka hirasaka:

Thanks to Lazy Lofi for the song, I heard it off of his channel and liked it for the video 🙂


Tiffany Wilson says:

How is the sizing? I her they run super small!

Hooollly Pickles says:

Good review :)! Although I think it’s important to add that the boots shape has a rather stiff, straight back, what this means is it will likely be harder to preform jumps/spins/shootingtheduck. So while the straighter back is a bit better for beginners in terms of stable skating it can be a bit harder to preform certain tricks in the long run. Still they are a great price and very cute! Still very possible to ramp skate with them and what not, and these are also great if you want to do a freeing skate around your town! 🙂

Jojo's Crafty Love says:

Thank you for your review! I received the same rollerskates yesterday but have yet to put them on. I bought a size up as I followed the European size (US Size 9) so I hope it fits nicely as I am usually a US size 8. I was already super keen to buy more toe stoppers, the 62mm wheels and the adult protective pack. LOL! I really should learn how to rollerskate before buying all these extra stuff!!

Green is a creative colour says:

I own holographic shoes (not skates) nd want to buy these. However my shoes holographic cracks, has this been cracking at all?

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