HOW TO ROLLER SKATE! – Planet Roller Skate Ep.2

Learn how to roller skate with Indy and Pigeon! In this tutorial we share some roller skate basics focusing on safety while learning to build confidence on wheels. Roller skating is fun and anybody can fly with just a bit of practice! Questions? Comments? Let us know below!


Moxi Roller Skates –
S1 Helmets –


SKATE JAMZ BY: Kim Manning Space Queen!



SNJ Productions says:

I’m going roller skating as a field trip for school and this was helpful thank you

Kara Leigh Lakusta says:

I love this i HAVE A PAIR NOW

Kara Leigh Lakusta says:

I need a helmet now lol Hahahahaha

sunshine hobi says:

I never skated on roller blades but I’ve been figure skating for 6 years, I wonder if it’s the same, because so far on this tutorial it’s all kinda the same, we do the V as well, we also have to bend knees and we need to shift weight, but there are differences as well, like if u feel like falling u try to stay up cause u don’t want to fall on the ice

Queen of the sims 4 says:

Tysm I needed this you guys are AMAZING!!!

k 123 says:

im going to start!! GRL PWR BITCHES

Govind Kumar says:

Thank you so much. Your video make me interested to learn skating

Carolina Hashimoto says:

I don’t own rollerskates but I do own Rollerblades! What’s your opinion on those?

Let's Dream Kpop says:

I’m a figure skater and I can roller skate, sooo I don’t know why I’m watching this 😀

Robin Taylor says:

Where is this filmed? This looks like a cool park.

scott watts says:

the big thing you are saying is keep one toe stop on the ground when getting up or down for a stable transition.

Анжелика Аминова says:

Я хочу с вами покататься :((((((

Ili foo foo says:

This is how I learned to roller skate

Emma W says:

When you skate on a rink do you keep stepping one foot of another

scott watts says:

Dropping it low is to distribute your body weight in several directions at once to defy gravity at as many points as you can. I think the most important thing would be to turn well enough to use your stops from a forward racing run to a simple turn to use them.

SkyeAdri22 says:

Best video ever! Ready to apply all these tips!

mayo_mix says:

I love how they’re wearing helmets.

Violet Spencer says:

I love your vids!! I was wondering if you guys have tips for better balancing

decedants of good says:

Why are this type of roller so hard to find on a store?!? I mean whyy??!! I only can find it on web store like wish

Zaria Pinkston says:

Did you just get that from GoNoodle

이정호 says:

Thank you so much for your teaching

pyook says:

I havent roller skate in years. I’m picking it up again and I keep using my break to push myself forward. I’m guessing this is not what you’re supposed to do: any tips?

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