HEELS or FLAT? What roller skates should you choose?

I frequently get asked whats better, flat or heels roller skates.
This video is my answer to that question.

you can see all the skates in this video here:

HEELS or FLAT? What roller skates should you choose?

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contrabassoon says:

Those Chaya park skates are sweet! I’ll invest in some in the future but I’m learning ramp skating in old school skates for now.

JDoe says:

Great video! I wonder if you, in the future, could make a video about learning how to use the toe stops on rollerskates. I am a new skater and at first I thought standing and walking on the toe stops would be easy, I was greatly mistaken. Is there any tips and tricks on how to learn how to use them? Thank you!


What roller skates should should i get? HEELS or FLAT?

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sofiacb81 says:

I skate with the Chaya Jump skates and I fell backwards when I first changed from my raised heel skate to the Jumps and it hurt like heck but that’s cuz I’m a garbage skater . My feet feel more comfortable in the flat skate to the raised heel boot though and the Jumps are fantastic I’m obsessed

MAËLLE says:

I had a high hell melrose chaya..maybe its too high for me..i fall backwards..i think i hit my tailbone it stil hurts now..

MAËLLE says:

Love it

Mateus Mento says:

The title the title look at the title

** Buca says:

Cool, I used to skate rollerskates like 25 yrs ago, before inlines (those that you tighten to shoes with leather bands). Wanted to try it again and saw a video about putting some frames to a UFS boot but now can’t find more that the video… You know something about that?

TruSpin Media says:

Excellent video.

MicroPunkz Edit says:

im inline triskating but lacked knowledge on those type of skates,
learned something new, thanks

Yung Internet says:

None. Its not the 80’s

Yeah Roller says:

great I love your videos, hopefully one day we skate together

Willemijn Forte says:

A few months ago I bought the Chaya sweet lavenders to start out with! So a raised heel ( ;

Henrietta Sveikauskiene says:

I use roller skates with heals 🙂

TheUncannyGirl says:

TL;DR: it was easy to switch from derby skates to skates with heels but not the other way around.

I started as a fresh meat in derby, but had to take three months off due to injury…then I started skating again on skates with heels but the boot was cheap (glued, could not afford the good ones) so it came apart and today I had to put my outdoor wheels on my old derby shoes and it was challenging to skate around indoors…I was definitely putting way more weight on my back wheels than I should, haha. Going out tomorrow in them, cannot wait to slam my butt and relearn the tricks XD. My friends are going to help me make my own skates with vans shoes soon (cheaper option, as I already have everything from the other skates, only need to replace the boot and add aluminium insole) but in the future I would love to own the Chaya karma AND Moxi skates with the Jack boot. 🙂

Erik Hammer says:

I use raised heel

dami4N says:

When will you do the superfeet review?

Henrietta Sveikauskiene says:

Oh!and also the roller skates with heals you use for roller skate dance

Maba Schrecklich says:

Thanks for your tutorials. I quit derby, but will change to more street- and rampskating. Which is the flat model you are showing here, Chaya Karma?

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