Electric Skates – Review 2 Top Brands – Rocket Skates vs Spnkix

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The Best Electric Skates on the Market – Rocket Skates vs Spnkix
Which electric skates are really worth your money? We check out the top electric skates & show you the best.
Electric skates have been all over the news, & they’re being touted as a future means of commuting short distances or just having fun. But are they any good? We decided to check these skates out, in particular the two competing brands & see what they have to offer.
Acton Rocket Skates, are the first smart e-skates, so it’s not surprising they have a solid grip in the market. The company has come out with several skates through the years, & we’re going to review all their models here for comparison. Here is what we found out.
Acton R5
The Acton Rocketskates R5 is the entry level e-skate, & it’s the most suitable for newbies who want to see what the fuss is about. It has a max. speed of 7 mph, & while that may not sound much it’s actually quite fast when you’re on them. Fully charged, the R5 has a 5 mile range.
• Glides smoothly
• Durable
• Not as fast as the other Acton skates
Acton R6
The Acton R6 electric roller skates have a max. speed 12 mph, & it also has a wide range than the R5 at 10 miles. Like all the other Acton skates, you can download the free app & gain additional functionality, plus the app lets you know how much distance you have covered. Charging takes a couple of hours.
• Easy to put on
• Responds well to turns
• Learning curve is a bit steep
Acton R8
The R8 has a range of 8 miles & a top speed of 12 mph when fully charged. Like the other Acton e-skates the R8 has safety features built in so your feet are fully secure when cruising. When looking for electric roller skates for sale, you will see in the product description that the R8 has a max. weight support of 250 lbs.
Couple that with the 55 watt motor & it’s not hard to see why the R8 is regarded as one of the top e-skates today.
• Can support large individuals up to 250 lbs.
• Responsive
• Might take some getting used to for beginners
Acton R10
These are the top of the line motorized roller skates & it shows in the design. There are multiple speed settings in the 50W skates so you have full control over its movement. For the best results after a full charge you should get the max. 10 mile range. The R10 is compatible with 6 ½+ shoe size for men & 6+ for women & it is Acton’s most responsive model yet in terms of movement.
• Has a natural feel when you skate
• Responds to your movements smoothly
• More expensive than the other Acton skates
Who are These Skates For?
These electric roller skates are for individuals who are at least 16 years old. They are not meant for younger people for safety reasons, so make sure you are of the right age.
As for the specific models, the R5 & the R6 are the best options if you’re just starting out. You might be excited to go full blast right away but it’s better to start slow. If you are comfortable with these & want to take the skating to the next level, there is the R8 & the R10. All Acton skates have a 1 year warranty.
So how do these pair of skates compare with the other Acton products we have reviewed? It holds up very well actually. Like the other skates you just put the skates on & you will be on your way.
The only possible drawback is the weight, & if you are not used to these it might feel weird when you’re rolling even at 5 mph.
The max. speed is 10 mph, but don’t worry about control as there is a wireless remote you can use. As far as compatibility goes the skates is pretty good: women’s shoe sizes 7 to 15.5 for females & 6 to 14 for males. Once you have strapped yourself in, put the buckles on & you’ll be ready. The warranty is good for 1 year.
• Keeps your feet secure
• Built for long term use
• Heavy
Who is This Product For?
These skates are similar to the other Acton models, but the design is more applicable for those who have experience with standard roller skates. Since these are heavy – 18 lbs. – those who have never used an e-skate before may have trouble at first. This is not the easiest skates to learn, so if you have never tried this before, practice in your backyard first.
The Verdict
Now that we have taken a good look at these motor skates, which of these is the most ideal? The Acton skates are better known & may be more suited for beginners, but the SpnKix is solid & well worth a look. So are you ready to have some fun? View the best deal today: http://amzn.to/2cmWvAd

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