Do NOT buy these skates!

In this episode of Planet Roller Skate, Indy tries to skate in the cheapest set up she can find, Chicago Roller Skates. See why these skates are not safe for the streets.




Moxi Roller Skates –
S1 Helmets –




jgldngal says:

Oml. I have those and those are not made for concreake *concreak

lynnsey Bodin says:

I got some Chicago skates that were a step up in quality and about twice the price but they still weren’t very good, definitely worth it to spend more money on some better quality brands!!

Milena Mikulska says:

I have roller skates for 29.99 pounds

kellsy darling says:

Omg this gave me so much hope!! If indyjammajones has a hard time in them, then maybe i should give quads another try! Yay!!!

Lucyz garden says:

I bought these $80 roller skates from Amazon that were all black and for the most part they’re nice but the wheels barely turned so my friend lent me some of hers.

Mayo The Cat says:

I feel like theyre only built for a rink lol

V. Z. says:

Chicago Skates, they lasted 5 minutes. They arrived at my house I put them on rolled and took them off and shipped them back. Don’t waste your time or money. Pure crap. Went to a skate shop, told them about Chicago, and this is what they said, “Yeah, those always get returned.”

NewYorkieDiys __ says:

I have candi girl skates that I use outside, I manly use my chicago skates indoors. I remember once inside my house the toe stop fell off completely, but for indoors they work okay!

Sophy Mesa says:

These skates are meant for ARTISTS Skating. I’ve used them for a while till it was time to upgrade. That’s why it comes with that type of wheel and that’s why the tracks are loose, to get used to the edges for the turns and other stuff in artistic. They are pretty pretty basic. You can make the tracks harder by adjusting them so your boot won’t be touching the wheel. And getting some outdoor wheels. Also the toe stop can be taken out. Problem solved. More ideas, less complaints.

Laleh VonTofu says:

Hah. You’re a cheapskate.

Namjoonie Hyung says:

And that’s why I convinced my mom to get me Moxi Beach Bunnies. I didn’t trust any other brand. My doubt can now be assured. Those skates are super sketchy. (Hopefully gonna attach a Lolly boot to my Bunny plate.)

Monica Horn says:

I literally own these skates, and I thought I just sucked at skating and when I tried to drift it would make me trip horribly, but now I know these are trash lol

Lainey Skates says:

if i’m an ice skater, is it easy to make the switch from ice to concrete?

{.:wings:.} says:

I’m hoping on getting rookie Rosa quad skates and their £50, I’m not sure if their going to be as great as I thought after this video BUT I still want to get it as to seems the best for me.

Briana Pierce says:

So many girls around my area who want to start derby but are unsure end up in these. They’re sooooo bad

Tony Greenman says:

I got these for my daughter off the internet a while ago thinking they were going to be halfway decent, I was fairly disappointed in all the plastic. I distinctly remember feeling regret over not getting the other pair I was considering. She has since decided that she’s more comfortable on inline so go figure?

Swasti Johri says:

Omg literally a year ago I was jumping into bowls on Chicago skates! I fell on them in the bowl and hit my chin very hard. And I ended up really hurting myself and I’ve been scared of any form of skating ever since. Advice?

Julie Purpleskater says:

Walmart – UGH. I’ve been boycotting them for almost a decade.

Loco Pemex says:

Which skates should I get for outdoors I wana skate at the park

jjlovepuppies says:

I think that she didn’t really give the skates a chance. Yes they are very cheap but you are using them for something that they are not made for. Those skates are made for rink skating and you didn’t adjust them at all. I bought a pair of these skates a looong time ago and used them until they broke. I skates everyday for 1 year and lasted pretty well. You are right about the toe stops I did have to replace those. But I think that they are good starter skates.

M Phoolpol says:

Thank you for doing this review! I had a friend that was about to purchase these for there daughters. This video helped me to better inform them.

Olivia Morgan says:

THANK YOU!!!! You are great!!!! Can you please review “Roller Star 600 Womens Quad Skates”?

Jessica Webber says:

Those plain clothes guys are affectionately known at many Walmart locations as Department 45, and they can definitely kick your ass if you’re not behaving.

Grace Elizabeth says:

Hey Indy. Can you please show us how to take these Chicago Skates and change the wheels into better wheels please? I’ve had them for a while and I honestly haven’t had a problem. However when I ride my feet like vibrate. So I was wondering if you could please do a tutorial on how to change the wheels thanks.

Erin Denise says:

What’s the song at the end of the video?

texbex1117 says:

Thanks for reinforcing my saving up for some Moxie Lolly skates! Also your legs are amazing: I’m so jelly!

V. Z. says:

Snyder or Century Sure Grip, the only skate you should buy. Sure Grip wheels, but I prefer the tall Bones.

Aliyah Brooklyn says:

I have some and I changed the wheels

Terra Grant says:

okay i have these exact skates but i put moxi wheels, will you see how you like them with reds bearings and moxi wheels?

Have An Ice Day says:

Hi Indy! How many pairs of Skates do you own?

izzy thornton says:

I was debating getting those. So glad I didn’t. … question. Can you trick skate in bullet style skates ? Is it a good idea or no?

V. Z. says:

Walmart is huge on filming, because their bag-checkers stop, harass, pull, block, grab… so much illegal stop, search, and detain. Even a guy grabbed onto my basket and would not let me leave. A female checker actually grabbed my mothers arm and scratched her arm really badly.

KThurman says:

Holy dramatic music! I was expecting a horrible crash and burn because of the building music 🙂 Glad you survived to tell the tale Indy!

Random Ramblings says:

I literally just bought those yesterday and the tie stop broke off after 30 mins of light skating I had to take truck off and tightening them

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