Chaya Quad Roller Skates / Artistic Skating / First Time Ever

Sooooo even though this can totally be considered an embarrassing video and someone (including me) might say I’ve never skated on anything in my life – I actually found it very fun to film my very first time on quad roller skates. I always liked how they look and was curious as to whether they have something in common with roller blades or ice skates altogether. Never had a pair until I saw these purple beauties and right now I feel so weird in them it’s quite unnatural. I can’t imagine doing smooth turns, spirals, let alone jumps or spins. I will keep trying though because they are just so cute – they deserve to be skated on.

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Pouchy17 says:

first time (not .)

Chaya Skates says:


MissMariaReynolds says:

You’re doing good! Keep it up, I have a Skating competition in a few days. Wish me luck ❤️

Roberto Aguilar says:


lucia taro says:

great vid! did you find the innersole sizes on the chaya skates site for these skates accurate meassurements? as I found different sites say different meassurements :-/

Jodie Marsden-Bullen says:




Roberto Aguilar says:

Do’let mi daun

Jana Vikulova says:

Great job! I’m thinking of buying the same quads as you have, but we have no real shops to look at them – so ordering online is my only option. Can you tell me how high the heel is (in cm)? Are they comfortable?

Marwan Wabi says:


Roberto Aguilar says:


Siri Hammond says:

where did you buy these??

lonotiki , Shannon O' says:

I think your great at first t ime on quads…hope you enjoy them …looks like it.
I love skating too~

Batuhan Bilgin says:

inline skate video

Turan Dilhan says:

tu emmerde tout le monde avec ta video

Maria Szczepaniak says:

Umiem lepiej je ździć a trenuje 4 miesiące

SdreamworksL says:

Have you ever figure skated before? Because you’re doing so good considering its your first try! 🙂

Autumn Marie says:

Where did you buy them?

Rs Rt says:

The rocking trucks on quads mimic the edges on ice skates. I short order, you’ll find you can do everything on quads that you can do on ice skates and far more than can be accomplished with in-lines.
I say mimic because there are some important differences in that the edges do not disappear when you use just the toe or heel and in fact, become more pronounced as now twice the force is being exerted on a single truck.
And while you’ll find that your balance has to be more precise on quads, you’ll also find that you’ll have a far greater degree of control.
Transitioning from ice skates or in-lines o quads can be a challenge, but you’ll find transitioning back again to be like having you feet in a cast.
Word of advice, if you’re not planing on learning artistic jumps, grinding or doing speed skating, then loose the toe stops completely.

myheartandi999 says:

Quads roller skating are difficult. I do not feel any edges and could not even turn or spin :/

Snowpuff 08 says:

I never got roller skates before . roller skates : 0

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