Cardiff Skates Review – Is this the skate of the future?

I recently purchased a pair of these skates. Here is my quick review.

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Cardiff Skates


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Joseph Wagner says:

I just bought a pair at Brookstone, got a free tote bag as a promo at the airport.  I am an avid inline skater. My first impression (other than the Jetsons-type gee wiz appearance) is exactly what the review points out:  The heel socket is dangerously loose.  These things absolutely should come with a heel strap, otherwise -and currently as I have them, they are unusable.  Be sure to wear full padding and helmet the first time out.  I’m gonna buy some Velcro straps at HomeDepot and see if that does the job.  Oh, secondly, the braking is nothing like a good pair of inline skates.  The instructions tell you not to go down hills in these.  Ummm, that’s a problem on the rails to trails bridges all over the country.  Lastly, once you ride these, they are “used” and cannot be returned.  Beware.  If you can gamble $150 ($160 with tax), then give it a try, but stop at Home Depot and buy $5 worth of Velcro straps to make your own ankle strap.

Marta Fernandez Arias says:

How much do they weigh?

Ben's the name says:

Wow, it has a front wheel, AND a back wheel?

RubyTuesday Fla says:

Omg I’ve been looking for something different to do, got rid of my in lines a couple yrs ago too uncomfortable, I’m going to get these or maybe just roller skates!!!! yeah:)

Axari El says:

Reminds me of the Fisher price skates I had as a kid. Nice.

marko slana says:

what about you skate in city

Deva Long says:

I really like the brakes on these. I have Skorpions which I like except for the braking.

KENNYG R says:


chantale cote says:

hello I am looking to buy a pair of those skate but I would like to buy the best of the line my shoes are size 11 and I am over 200 pounds (men) witch one should i buy? thank you fo your help

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