Cardiff Skate Company S1 Skates Review

Hey guys I hope you enjoy my new video I have been doing a lot of editing and there will be many more videos on the way. I hope you enjoy

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P-BOT H20 says:


mrmcclear says:

Go Mom!

Cool One says:

Nice review! Q: inline skates absolutely kill my ankles. Do these S1s kill? Thx

Angeline Appouh says:

OMG YOUR DOG IS SO CUTE!! Anyway nice video 😛 subbed

Danny Vo says:

Just a note if anyone’s seeing this, if you brake for a long while on these, your foot can get tired pretty easily. Especially when you’re in the park going down a hill.

JayDaRealest says:

Contract not contrast, sorry to be a grammar nazi about it.

Ezfett Pyre says:

Nice video dude, your dogs are awesome!

Kate Dunno says:

speak up a little bit for deaf.old ladies like me

marvinc88 says:

What materials are the wheels made of? Rubber?

ミジンコ says:


Lisa Qualls says:

Thank you for this review. I was looking for a review from a new user. Your review showed me what I wanted to know about the skates. Good job.

ShoopkoTube says:

gr8 skates! and a good review too!

Okerokeka says:

He’s wrong about the S1 S2 thing. These two models were released at the same time. The only difference is the S2 fits something like guy shoe sizes from 4-9 and S1 fits sizes 9-13. The S2 is just smaller.

casual814 says:

nice content

Shine W says:

Very cool demo/tutorial on these skates. I just saw a tv commercial on this product for the first time today, I thought they looked interesting and decided to look them up. So basically this is closer to an inline skate rather than a traditional roller skate? Seems like most of the control such as turning etc.. is done via the front wheel? Thanks for sharing, so far you have shown more how these skates work than the inventor himself 🙂


That is the one BIG butt mom!!

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