Candi Girl Roller Skate Unboxing & Product Review!

In this episode of Planet Roller Skate Indy and Pigeon unbox, test, and review the BEST skates you can get on a budget, Candi Girl skates!



Moxi Roller Skates –
S1 Helmets –


Thanks Atomic for filming!


ZIMARAH Bethel says:

I’m getting plastic roller skate. Wheels.

amber travis says:

Try starfire 500 there $139 Australia which is so cheap

Roger Cobb IV says:

The production value of this video is fantastic. I really enjoy watching your channel grow.

The_Unicorn 101 says:

I have Candi skates and there very nice!!!

Crows Raven says:

I love them! They’re pretty cool and comfortable. I got them in a really pretty blue. They give you a lot of stability. I do recommend them. I don’t like the toe stop that much. It’s kinda big

I love Art says:

The cheapest skates where I live is Impala

Sallie says:

Please try Chaya skates

Taya Wescott says:

I love this! Those ones are the exact skates I have. I am a self taught skater after getting these for Christmas. After practicing in the rink (And the kitchen) for weeks I found your videos and I have loved learning new tricks and technique. I am going to hit the skate park next!!! (Again thanks for the videos!) As for the skates they are awesome! I have learned a lot and my most favorite thing is the flexible wheels. I love turning and twisting and going fast and these skates defiantly deliver!

caroline Seabunny says:

Can you review roller derby brand roller star 600 quad skates? They are the same brand as the candi girl skates but they are different. They are the skates I have but I would like to see your opinion on them.

jasmine miller says:

I bought a pair of candi Girl skates. I thought that they were great for the price but they were too tight for me because i have wide feet. I like the boardwalk skates better.

Drawing with Sophie says:

Guess what
My school is having a roller skating club and I joined

35nee says:

Are the Candi Grls really US women’s sizes? I’ve told a friend to pick up a pair, but that would mean she’d have to go one and a half sizes up compared to other US skates that are usually men’s sizes? My skates fit her perfectly and I’m a 6 1/2 in the Jack, so what would be the right Candi Grl size?

Amy S says:

I have these exact same Candi Girl skates, but I upgraded them with RollerBones bearings, Energy 65 outdoor wheels and purple spark laces. They feel 100 percent better and they skate much smoother. I just don’t feel as if they really loosen up completely because of the reinforced boot. They are a great skate to have while I save for my Moxi lolly!

Alex says:

Can you do a tutorial on how to skate with your hips open? I hope my question makes sense

ғιn. says:

I just get my skates from walmart lol

Sam Lopez says:

Those wheels are good for outside, then are they not good indoors(rink)? Or good enough? If not, what wheels would you change out then?

Porter Rannals says:

I have a pair of these in another color. I like them and they are really good for the price. The only thing i found that i didn’t like is the tongue and the boot was a bit hard and needed lots of time to break in. The inside is also swade and really grabs your socks but other then that i like have neen really enjoying them.

Lesley Elizabeth says:

waiting for my paycheck to come through so i can get these!! so excited! i havent had dance skates in years, only derby.

Veronica Salazar says:

Hi!! I have a question. For a person that is verily learning how to skate. What would you recommend… indoors learning or outdoors ??? Thanks. Love your videos.

Bee_Mex_Beauty_ Junkie says:

Are the Moxi’s wider than the candy girl? Rather just save my money than end up spending more.

Carly Garza says:

Cool! Maybe these will be my first upgrade from crappy Academy skates!


Do you have Candi Girl skates? Share your review below!!

onlyykeiti says:

since my shoe size is between 8 and 8.5 and I have wide feet, would you recommend sizing up to a 9 or getting a size 8?

NANArt says:

I had some chicago skates they where really heavy and I didn’t liked them , I wore them for almost a year but know i have a pair chaya melrose ( the ones which are black and pink) with fiber glass plate and they are super light and the wheels are super nice for street skating 🙂

NeLi Nel says:

OMG i have these skates!!!, still have them !!!

Nick Dudesville says:

um, that box was already open… like prechecked to make sure the product wasn’t shown in a bad light… like an advertisement you lost a ton of credibility doing.

MyMichelle2001 says:

Does it matter if the outside of the boot is some kind of leather or soft feel to it?

thea says:

thank you so much that’s really helpful! what do you think about the chaya skates?

E Crafts says:

Can you please do a review on impala roller skates?

graceyangel1 says:

I have had these for almost 2 months they’re great! I skate around my neighborhood and ive used them at the skate park a few times. I had to change the bearings after 1 month tho they started to slow down

Tytianna Thrower says:

I didn’t know she eats Takis as well

Mayra Aguilar says:

Hi! I have wider feet. Someone recommended the Sure-Grip Boardwalk skates. Have you ever used them? Thnx!!

piinkypiie says:

Review the crazy skate glam skates. I would like to know the difference between suade and plastic shoe

Korrisa Rockafellor says:

I am buying the beach bunny skates

kpop and hamilton trash says:

I had these skates for a little over a month and they held up pretty well. I’m a very clumsy person and fall a lot so the color does rub off, I still want moxis tho XD

Carissa Lataillade says:

Hey @INDY JAMMA JONES thank you so much for doing a review for these skates! A couple of months ago, I bought two pairs of these skates for my sister and I to enjoy but to be honest they really hurt my feet (especially the toe area). I normally wear a US size 11, and since that was the biggest size they had, I bought the size 11 CandyGirls, so maybe it is just too small for me? Every time I watch you skate in your videos, it makes me smile and want to join in the fun. I hope my CandyGirl skates break in soon! >.<

Annie Farrell says: should you buy ur actual foot size for these skates? (and not take a size down)?

Violet Spencer says:

Next,indi should try 50 dollar skates.

Sasha Lennon says:

I’m 13 and just got my first job and am saving up for beach bunny’s!!!! I’m so excited cos I have a rlly good rink near me too I love your channel so much it’s so helpful ilysm ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Marley Odum says:

I am in roller derby my name is Stater tot and Derby I’m on the junior Duval roller team

Chazline says:

i have these skates! found them for about $15 in a pawn shop, i couldn’t skate at the time but since then i’ve really improved 🙂 i upgraded the wheels, bearings, and cushions. what toe stops do you recommend for these skates? any particular brand?

Rebecca V. says:

Do you have any opinions on the Sure Grip Outdoor Boardwalk Skates, or have you tried them at all? I’m looking for a more mid-range skate

Hey! It’s a person says:

I have those and I started roller skating one year ago today and same color and when my feet stop growing I will get Moxie so exited ❤️❤️❤️

Not Gracie says:

Omg I wear candi girls!

mazzybananas says:

I have two pairs of Chicago’s, one for work which are the synthetic boots, and one for recreational use that are leather lined and they have been a really nice brand, though you have to change the bearings

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