In this episode of Planet Roller Skate Indy and Pigeon review the Sure-Grip Fame skates and conclude they are the best cheap skates for dancing!

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Nina Bayne says:

absolutely love the idea for this series! do you think you could do a few episodes for blades as well?

LANA DIY says:

I got my first pair of moxi skates and I’m in love and I got all of my ger from Medusa skate shop and I love you and pigeon and you inspire me to skate thank you

Emrys says:

I would love a jacket like Indy’s sksksk

Andrea Terman says:

Indy and Pigeon, you are both so inspirational to me! Thanks for teaching me how to skate.

I’d love to see a video all about wheels.

Official Jeanne says:

can’t wait for this series

Greta Juodinytė says:

Could you ever do a review on the roller derby reewinds? They’re really cheap and I started skating with them and i’d like to hear your opinion on them. They are mens boots but I still use them.

Niara Noctyrna says:


Eleanor S says:

Whats your advice on making regular shoes into skates with a kit?

Leslie Scout says:

What about sure grip boardwalks?

We Are The Strange says:

Thank you so much for this video! I have been torn between Sure Grip, Impala and Candy girl for the affordable lines. I’m glad that $70 makes a huge and well worth it difference!

Akou Amedanou says:

OMG, thanks to you guys ’cause I know how to skate now. I’m not that much good at it but now I’m on my wheels and it fell good, its like I’m in heaven.
again thank you for all y’all videos 🙂

eva vanwymelbeke says:

How do I go faster?? DO SQUATS. haha shoutout to all the skateboard girls watching!

Gidget10 says:

(why would you get 170 dollar skates when u could get $150 bunnies?) Also are you gonna review impala skates??

Ms.Tee says:

Love this! Can you change these wheels with some from the Moxi Shop???

MystiqueRisingSun says:

If I were getting those? I’d definitely get the black. MUCH easier to customize. What doesn’t go with black?

I also absolutely LOVE that the Baby Bird already has skates waiting for her! It’s best to get them up and rolling as soon as they’re steady on their feet. When they’re only around 2 or so, they don’t know/understand that skating can be hard and are much less likely to give up after falling a couple times. Saw one boy at the rink yesterday, around 8 or 9, doing good at first, feel once (didn’t really hurt himself, more scared himself)….wouldn’t get back on the rink the rest of the session. Even took his skates off and shoved them under the table! 🙁

Charice Carlton says:

Literally just started skating (joined a jam crew) can’t even go backwards or anything I just know how to NOT fall lol. Growing up we went skating here and there for birthday parties but I’ve never owned skates or was able to skate consistently. I definitely need some budget friendly skates until I could afford my moxi skates. Thanks for this review!

oOf says:

Can you check out the riedel. Skates without a heel on it cause I was planning to get some but I am not sure if they are good quality so I was wondering if you could review it

tlsargeson says:

I have the chaya melrose elite skates, I’d love to know what you think, I’m just starting out again at the age of 41!

cat mom says:

Wats the brand called for this review?

Karina Rose says:

I just recently purchased some Riedell Outdoor Citizen skates and I’m wondering what you guys would think of them. They look very similar to the skates you guys showed in the video! They were $129 for both the indoor and outdoor models.

Holly Woolford says:

Omg I love ur videos xx

lilavocado AG says:

I started skating because of you, Indy! I went skating yesterday, and I can already go really fast even tho i started like 1 week ago lol

eva vanwymelbeke says:

I feel like I can see Indy getting more and more comfortable with being in front of a camera ^^ show that funny random personality girl! Love your fashion today <3

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