Bauer Vapor X300R Roller Hockey Skate Review

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IW Hockey reviews the Bauer Vapor X300R skate.

The Bauer Vapor X300R Roller Hockey Skate is the entry-level model in the new Vapor Line, offering plenty of value at a reasonable price. The X300R features the most supportive quarter package at its price point thanks to the updated X-Rib design that was inspired by Bauer’s OD1N project. The X300R skate also comes with the signature Hi-Lo Vanguard Ventilator frame. With larger wheels in the back than in the front, it offers an aggressive stance for explosive power.


liam says:

i need a roller hockey skate that is around $200-$300 what should i get

MJB Kid says:

do any Bauer vapor inline hockey skates come in EE w.?

Chicago Skater says:

Just how stiff are these boots? I don’t want roller skates that are as un-stiff as the supreme 140, I’m looking for around supreme 160 stiffness

ryan telkamp says:

Between the Bauer vapor x300R skates, the CCM Tacks 1R52 skates, and the CCM jetspeed 260R skates, which do you recommend? I am not a beginner, but have never bought a new pair of skates.


WARNING: this shoes are good in everything but comfort, I had pain in my left foot and got a huge blister on my right foot after using for the first time.

aligator381 says:

Hi, I’m using a Bauer Nexus 600 on ice and am very happy with it. What skate should I go for Inline that’s wide enough?

Mark Roenicke says:

between the bauer x300r and bauer x70r which one do you think is better for about the same price?

Dope Lyfe says:

what skate do you suggest for a player that is just starting out?

Eric Horn says:

I just purchased the X300R but find them to be really tight in the ankle. I wear an older pair of Bauer Supreme 7000 on ice and they fit like a glove. What would you recommend for a similar fit to my Supreme’s? Just playing recreationally outdoors, so high end is not needed. Thanks

kranci88 says:

are these heat moldable? can u bake them?
ty 🙂

Alexus P says:

I bought these skates a few months ago, and noticed everything was perfect width wise, but the toe cap seems too wide and long for comfort, should I go down a size or buy a new brand if so,what skates would you recommend among the Baur or CCM line that has a tight short toe cap, good ankle lock, and a stiff boot among the $150-$250 price range?

Quinton Whitfield says:

if I wear a 8 in skates do you think they are going to fit right and be comfortable

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