#164 Cardiff skates?!?!? (Narrated)


Ov Cal says:

What speed can they reach?

Cat Walker says:

great tutorial 🙂

Cat Walker says:

dude, i thought you were gonna take a swim 😛 hahaha
I just bought these. Had zero experience with skating/rollerblading/iceskating. So cannot compare them. I just have them and i think its going quite well. 🙂 fell only once 😛

SuperUm1234 says:

Can the wheels be tightened and loosened to provide more stability?

jessica Briceno says:

noooooooooooo!!! I will never skate in them again!!!!

Angel Perez says:

I have the S1 i really like it the skate but I have problem stopping using the back break they need to add a robber plastic on the back like the one bikes have i thing that will make it easy and faster to stop.

Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

I can’t believe that you paid money for these. They combine some of the the worst aspects of skate design into one. Please burn them so that they will never be used again.

World of Me says:

Nice video, good to see you putting them through their paces. It looks like the model you got of the S1’s were first gen. The second gen model S1’s are what’s in my video. The upper strap is built in and I think the stability issue you mentioned was improved with the wheel position being modified slightly. I hope with some working out and practice I’ll be able to glide around like you were. Cheers mate.

Tim Anderson says:

Very good demo. Cardiff should edit this into there promo.

Dialectical Monist says:

Would you say these are good for their intended use? Convenient transportation?

I was thinking of a mini-scooter or these for exploring urban areas.

carloschr2000 says:

Hello man, 
Great video! What skates would you recommend for an urban area?

TheUpwardSpiral says:

i found these at a thrift store and i was intrigued also like other viewers. watching the video though, im trying to figure out what the purpose of these would be. other than fitting multiple sizes of shoe. the website says added stability from the design but meh the ankle twisting thing is a red flag on that lol

Siraj Rudhra says:

Not the skates for me but good review man,narration and action perfect video

Surfwheel USA says:

Good stuff! Thinking about getting them to sell at my store.

She a lil buff says:

Do a review on k2 F. I. T. Pro skates, 2016 version

Damarcus Jackson says:

What brand shoes did u have on ????

David Van Vleet says:

Very comprehensive review. It is nice to see them in use up close.

Life.in.inlines says:

Man you always manage to find and skate on the weirdest stuff. Good to know what’s out there for those curious, as someone apparently was, but personally I’ll be sticking to inlines. =P

Jasmijn Stop motion says:


Lucas Dias says:

They look… intriguing… but i can’t shake the feeling that they are clunky and not very suportive. Nice video nevertheless!

Tiago Inline Skater says:

oh god! you scared me! I thought you were going to fall in the lake ( into the lake? er….I still have to impro my english haha)
they seem to be very heavy and fragile, but I would love to test them haha xD

Keep up the good work James!

Cesar Schork says:

I bought this skateboard and I walked with it almost 3 months until it broke the side in the front wheel and the fabrincae said that it could not do anything just throwing it in the trash.

I do not recommend

Analog VU Meter says:

Good video

Sarah Martin says:

I was intrigued by these skates after seeing an add on FB. I found your vid while searching for reviews on the S1.  Great vid, and I won’t be buying them because of their propensity toward ankle twists. (I’ve broken my ankle/legs 5x)!    So me thinkst I shall stick to inline skates.  What are your fave inline skates? I am a hockey player too. And I am absolutely HOOKED on your videos! I have to go now because up next, you’re about to skate in the desert!  You crazy kook!

jimmuck says:

I was thinking Reliant Robin of the skate world, then I saw your inserted photo!
I think they make landrollers look good (I have a pair of terra 9’s)

Rebecca Roe Hale says:

Thank you; this was very informative.

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