#162 Schwinn from Target. Review!!! (Vlog)


William Latinette says:

+JamesMackeyCitySkater, How long have you been skating? I enjoy your reviews and adventures but wonder how long before I’m as confident as you are. I’ve been practicing every day and have a few pairs of quality skates- better than these. (ebay is a great place to buy used skates once you know your size.) It amazes me the surfaces you encounter and conquer in your videos.


im am probably going to target to buy dat asap

hyperiuSupern0va says:

try on the grass, i’m gonna wobble and fall… ahh i’ll try it anyway, *thud* ahahah

SS Skates says:

I bought a pair of skates like this to see if I would still be skating in month. I was; so bought some mid range seba (trix2).
I think that you need to be able to trust the skates. Good video..

BlueXCross says:

Yay! Target skates! lol. I saw a kids skate at Walmart with interchangeable frames which changes it from quads to inline skates. Pretty cool but it wasn’t a good skate anyway. Great review!

Life of PK says:

They don’t look so reliable

Nik Zvi Inline says:

Cool review, watched it all. But skates are bad.


Of course, very soft shoe skates can be quite dangerous to the health sometimes 🙂 Some of them are capable of just bending to the side (the frame I mean). They should work better with lower weights. Thanks for another video in the series!

jcardin2 says:

Those little wheels sure do wear down fast. Was just curious if you rotate your wheels after each session to get the most out of them..?

Micah Yahr says:

I was wondering if you ever found a suitable replacement brake pad or have a recommendation on wheels for these. These were literally the only skates I could find locally in adult sizes. I haven’t skated since the early 2000’s and already i feel like these are holding me back.

Petar Nikov says:

Nice review, just show how important is to be informed before buying something especially for sports and especially to stay safe.

zaizoa says:

Just found your channel. A minute 40 in and you earnt a sub

Keep up the good work.


An afterthought: If you can just stand on the side of the frame wearing the boot in a stationary position and holding on to sth, you should not skate in it. The boots should at least have rigid sides at the bottom to hold your foot sideways. It is actually interesting to see you manage in these. I was always frustrated with not being able to perform in almost any fitness skate. Cheaper ice skates sometimes have a piece of hard plastic over the heel and the same for the ball of the foot area – this is a good combination. Fitness skates just have the plastic at the back of the foot, the rest is just curtain fabric 😉

Tiago Inline Skater says:

oh god! it’s freezing cold here in france and you are wearing a t-shirt xD wow!
I’ve never seen ajustable skates for adults 😮 didn’t know they existed

I buy my skates in a local store in Paris called Nomadeshop 🙂 They are super cool with me and they always give me free stuff 🙂 and nowadays, I usually buy pro skates 🙂

nice review James 🙂 !


Hi James,
I really like your glasses in this video. I would like to admit as well: the weather with you is enviable but on the other hand we have got frozen water surfaces. As to these skates, I have found it difficult to skate in a soft shoe like here. I usually put in a hard insole with a contoured arch (e.g. a typical cheap insole for cycling shoes), this greatly improves stability and adds some shock resistance. The insole must be rather hard, not too springy. What I noticed about soft shoes is you need to fill negative spaces in the boot (typically over the fingers and midfoot) to make them more skateable. For instance, you can also use a thin thermoplastic insole: this works good both in plastic shell roller skates to smoothe the ride and in soft-shoe iceskates to remove negative space and make the shoe fit tightly.

Best wishes

Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

My review: don’t buy these shitty skates. lol Little support, poor power transfer, and cheap parts, with a bad design.

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