#137 Landroller Skates? (Narrated)


lionmaul1 says:

Have you tried the Skorpion skates(quads) , on road and off road version?

MilkCow says:

How do they compare to the 125×3 by Powerslide which Rollerblade also makes now in the US? You haven’t tried them? What do you mean you haven’t tried them? K, I’ll wait for next video to see them.

felipe noronha says:

Onde é que você comprá-los ?? * _ *

James Brohard says:

These look like ankle busters.

MJB Kid says:

Is it hard to cross over on them?

lionmaul1 says:

Great video , very informative and professionally done!

Cool One says:

Great vid, James. I always wondered about those skates. Thanks. Oh, and I’m the guy that mentioned the whistle to ward off dogs. Well, I bought the Fox Sonik Blast CMG from Amazon, $9, rated at 120 dB. It’s so loud it hurts my ears, but I learned to blow it with the sound hole pointed down to the ground…and the dogs. I carry it when I street skate, and now, no dogs to try it one…go figure! I wish I had a predictable dog like that chaser in your neighborhood to try it out on. Will you be getting one? It sure seems like it’d work. Steve

Danny Reyna says:

what? i live in Galveston also im a sub now!!!

Lucas Dias says:

These are some really weird skates! Yet, you skated them perfectly, great job!
But i can help but think they axles look a little fragile, and it seems they add some extra dificulty without too much benefit.

YKyu says:

Just wanted to say thanks, because I’ve wanted to see such a video about these skates for *years*. It’s great to be able to see how they actually roll, and how they handle different kinds of efforts and tricks. I was really interested in them as well, because of their unique design and conception, but yeah as you said getting a pair is hard. I heard the company went through bankruptcy or something like that, so they most likely won’t be making them again anytime soon.
But since you feel these skates are overall good, I might try a little harder to see how I could eventually try them.

Anyway thanks a lot for that early review ! If you make other videos with them, you can be sure I’ll be here to watch 🙂

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