Yocaher Punked Lowrider Unboxing+Review

Unboxing the Yocaher Punked Lowrider, drop down, drop through skateboard. This video is from a beginner’s point of view. This is a economy skateboard. Approximate cost with new bushings and bearings was about $120. I don’t know if there are better boards out there for the money. As long as this board gets me around, it will be fine. So ya, this board seems like a good beginner’s board. Check out the reviews on Amazon if you are thinking about getting this thing. I’m happy so far. But I have only had this board 3 days since I posted this video. And umm, I have been riding for only three days.

Oops, I kept saying bearings, hahaha I meant to say bushings.

If you are going to get this board, you should look at some bushings and bearings. You might want trucks too. This is a flexible board that rides REALLY close to the ground, cuz umm it is called Lowrider.

Much thanks to 5gwwwwwyh4 who made a very helpful video about the Lowrider. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUIuvTDuVrc

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Reinis Martinsons says:

loosen up the kingpin (the big nut on the trucks)

Eooty says:

he uploaded this video on my birthday

Shr00mfairy Mcgee says:

Drop down that hill ya panzee XD lol jk jkkkkk

Alex Shine says:

Bearings have nothing to do with turning. Turning has to do with the tightness of the trucks, most preassembled boards come too tight, just loosen. Bearings affect the way the wheels spin, and some need to be broken in before they spin well, others do not. It’s possible that a turn of a wrench and just a little bit of time spent on the board would have solved the initial problems you noticed.

ayden army says:

What are those

ayden army says:

I long board for commuting

jesse10x says:

ride it

Jarod Ames says:

This sucks.

None But Myself says:

Are you still skating?

Epyc Gamer says:

Bruh u deserve more views than your getting

Cowboy4737 says:

I’m back on the boards after 30 years lol, I couldn’t make up my mind on a popsicle stick or a long board so I bought both lol, Got a Santa Cruz and a Bustin board! Cheers mate!

Paula Buist says:

I saw you using those Vibram FiveFinger type shoes and I’m curious how those work for you? I have a very basic pair and now I’m curious to see how they work with a longboard. I am also an older newbie rider. Always wanted to ride a skateboard but terrified because of crappy plastic boards from the 70s. No time like the present, and I am happy with just carving and cruising up and down trails. Thanks for the video, I love my new Yocaher❤

Kevin Stevenson says:

But those bearings are trash

Isalet M. says:

I am 30 & just started long boarding 🙂

BernarD SoliS says:

It is not a skateboard, its a longboard. Their is a difference also that is not a freestyle longboard. It is not ment for freestyling in a skate park.

Espadon.Pizza says:

Yocaher it us not a good cality

Julian ACEVEDO DIAZ says:

loosen up the bearings and the truck bro XD

alexzander sharif. J_art says:

Abec 7 bearings suck dude I’d rather go to the store get some cheap-ass bearings and use those the band you should be using is Reds or bones I’m telling you those work then bro and get some speed cream that rocks and another thing is he better clean your s*** before you even use it till breaking them bearings n**** word of advice you don’t go to a f****** skatepark to ride along word and another thing you know where God damn toe shoes wearing using those what the f*** are you doing you need some help bro I’m telling you and I see why you only have that much freaking subscribers you suck ass you can’t talk about a boy that I’ve used most my whole life rocks the only downfall is like you trying to get money over scams you be f****** with do not get a back 70r do not get bones or Reds they’re cheap like freaking like 15 bucks on Amazon probably less probably like $19 they work better than whatever the f*** you talking about don’t get any bearing she has none whatsoever not unless they’re a really good brand a backs Evans suck anything like that sucks ass Reds or the best and bones and don’t forget about the speed cream to it look like a white bottle and have red light on it it’s called Bones speed cream it rocks. Oh but for real though if you want to do a review on the board specifically a longboard do the brand is SC s k 8 drop deck do a review on that board and we’ll be talking then it’s a new board and it’s probably get you a good money if you do good review or tell me what’s wrong with it go on

Peyton Hart says:

like the shoes and good video man 🙂

Aldo Mancini says:

Great video, I like the longboard and I might buy it. Also you should do a review of SHARK WHEELS ON a  LONGBOARD AND COMPARE THEM WHICH WOULD BE AWSOME!!! Also check out the “kazam” skateboard which is a little bit bigger than a penny board but has cool shark wheels. ( buy or go to toys R’us for only $50.00)!!!!!!!

Von Davis says:

how do u only have 70 subs bro u rock I SUBSCRIBED

Epyc Gamer says:

Also loosen up the trucks and get reds bearings

Fast foot Longboard says:

Really cool board 🙂 I like the wheels !!
I make 2 tutos every week (Regular and goofy) for learning longboard dancing, tell me what do you think about ! And subscribe to the channel for the next tutos ! 😀

sɴᴇᴅᴅᴏ says:

Wow dude you deserve way more views. You will get big one day. Start making daily vlogs please! 😀 +1 sub

soulgamer9921 says:


Chickenhead says:

Hope you’re enjoying the board! Awesome vid. 🙂 Thx for the shoutout!

tim van den berg says:

It hurts

alexzander sharif. J_art says:

Whatever this guy says about this board he’s lying he’s dead ass liar I own one of these boards and I’ve had them for years they work like a pro

Meme Machine says:

This board comes with a red wood bottom for only $80!

GrayAS says:

The longer a longboard is the wider its turning circle is hence why this downhill board won’t turn so well and the creaking (with the help of some oil in the right places) will go away once the board has been worn in a bit

Wilbert Cordero says:

Good video man. Make some more videos and reviews, i have a few good boards. I did buy a yocaher pintail and it works good i did change the bearings to bone swiss and it rolls good, a lot better than the factory ones. I live in florida not many hills here but its flat land you can ride anywhere. Thank you for your video.

Tim TheMailman says:

Thanks for the video. and Happy New Years to you and yours

DavidDKL913 says:

Hahaha I like how you brought the whole box there. I just ordered this thanks to you. I bought the bearings to go with it as well (though I did my own research, and bones reds bearings seems to be better). It’s my first longboard. I bought some lubricant for the bearings too! Can’t wait.

SaltedBrick7 says:

Your videos are quite professional

Jarry from Wagga says:

You got a fake one lmao

Jeffrey Dancinger says:

I started with Abec 5 bearing on my Sector 9 Mini Daisey.  I changed them to abec 9 and the difference was as dramatic as what you show .  My son changed his abec 5 bearings on his Sector 9 faultline to a midgrade Bones brand set of bearing which really improved the roll of that board.  He also changed out his bushings to yellow ones like yours and really improved his turning capability.That low profile board is really good for pushing.

PinchPeak5203 says:

the reason your wheels don’t spin is most likely because the nuts are on too tight and its not turning very sharp because the trucks are too tight and they probably have harder barrel type bushings which are for downhill. the creaking you get when putting pressure on it is perfectly normal and squeaky trucks can be easily fixed by putting wax in them.

Kevin Stevenson says:

Bearings take a bit to break them in fam

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