Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard Review & Riding

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This board was given to me at a price lower than retail in return of my honest review and opinion of the longboard. 10/10 would recommend 🙂

Special thanks to HongHenry Distribution for hooking me up!

1st song: Happy Days -Jeff Kaale
2nd song: You Soul Classic -Kronicle

Hanging alarm clock, ain’t no thang


RedBaron8698 says:

Have you experienced any longevity issues so far?

Jase Smith says:

would this be good for a beginner? I just wanna cruise not do tricks

Luis Vega says:

Bet you won’t smoke a cigarette

rylothh 基督教 says:


P0tat0slay3r says:

Trevor, you make great quality videos! you deserve more subs! I just recently bought this board and I haven’t ridden it enough to know it’s quality but so far it’s great!

Joe Schmoe says:

What’s the weight limit on this board.

ThatOk Playa says:

awesome thanks. bought it.

Phreezyyoungchigga says:

for 20 subs, this was made really well man!

Adam Wahlen says:

does it come with everything in the picture like wheels and trucks or just a deck

Isaac Courtney says:

I’m 12 and 5 foot will it fit with me?

Changge Reese says:

I’m 13 and 5’0 is this too big

Changge Reese says:

Will I slide Good being 5’0

Dalton Falls says:

Nice review

Mr. MOOSE says:

what keyboard

Andrew Haines says:

Best review I’ve seen! Really good and I hope your channel grows!

ChubbyBu says:

this was the most helpfull review and its convincing me to buy
but I recommend moving the mic a bit further

Bob Pizza face says:

How’s the flex on the board, is it bouncy or stiff

Rager Major says:

Would you recommend this for a beginner?

Dalton Falls says:

Upload more!

Cynthia Crane says:

I’m really new to longboarding and was checking this board out, would you recommend it for beginners, I’m really just looking to cruise

Michael Tolle says:

you are a f****** bad-ass

Reggie Davis says:

You’ve got some great shots man. Keep up the good work.

Mr. MOOSE says:

Awesome gud job

MSgtDiamond says:

I know you talked about it alittle but would you say this board is good for tricks?
Great video!

PriorShockGaming says:

Stop kissing your mic

Kristian Lee says:

Great Review! I’m totally getting one of these! I absolutely loved the video. Make sure that you make a channel intro to make your channel more attractive. I’m a Youtube as well so good luck and I hope that you have a nice rest of your day.

Benjamin Dean says:

This SUCKS !!

Liliana P. says:

Is it good if you have little experience skateboarding

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