Ten toes longboard review✌🏻

This video is cringeworthy😑

Hope you guys enjoyed the advice on how to ride a longboard!!! It’s super fun once you learn!!❤️❤️😋✌🏼

Ten toes longboard on amazon👇👇

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Alexis Fusilier says:

One question, I am roughly like 5 foot, so do you think I could comfortably ride this, or should I get a smaller board?

Gabby Girl 22 says:

Why may I ask is there 1 dislike?!?!

BeautifulBettas says:

if ur left foot is on the front it mean u ride regular and if ur right foot is in the front that means you ride goofy….both ways are perfectly fine it just what the proper terminology is….great video 🙂

Ronyce Rodriguez says:

Keep up the great videos!

BL says:

Very good review sweetheart! I’m a skateboard collector and have a lot of skateboards and this is a very good review!!!

Paw Printss says:

Thank you so much this video really helped me I’m getting that exact board! You just earned a new sub

Margaret Ashton says:

So cute and great video!

topical mango43 says:

it is griptape not sandpaper

Bobby Shennins says:

You should ride it sometime

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