Sector 9 Skiddles Longboard Wheel Review –

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Tactics Downhill Team rider Ross Druckrey rides and reviews the Sector 9 Skiddles longboard wheels from S9’s new Shred Thane series.

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DaVionne Owens says:

can they fit penny nickel board?

vitus dübler says:

how are skiddles compaired to butterballs?

Some_Random says:

How do these compare to the Hawgs Tracers in means of speed killing? I’m a light rider who wants thane, but I want to not need a ton of weight behind my slides.

Wink says:

You cant ship to australia!! 🙁

Jack Rundle says:

Thanks but I’m an m&m’s guy

Tiago Teixeira says:

nice!! subscribe my channel!

Mark Mendoza Hernandez says:

you forgot yellow, they also come in yellow

nicholas joseph says:

Does the purpel ones thane alot?

adam heeley says:

what are the best wheels for speed and comfort on a flat surface. I need new wheels for my drift skates, so they need to be about 70-72mm.

fynnschwarze says:

Probably i buy me them for next

Julien Mathieu says:

they look like the same wheel as the s9 top shelf just a different color

Robert Ostman says:

hey there guys I just uploaded a video to my channel for you all, it’s about turning a skateboard into a cruiser!!

Frigooo says:

What is this board which looks like a regular skateboard?

Some really good Shit says:

Are they going to work with any longboard

Matthias Vervaeke says:

the wheels , do they flatspot fast ?

lennart vlot says:

I’ve got the cult creator 72mm wheels and the caliber 2 forty-four 10″ trucks but I can’t get long slides. Should I loose up my trucks a little? Should I go faster? I have no idea!

erock676 says:

So I live in a small town and I feel like people might get annoyed when certain places in my routine are just covered with marks. Especially because there are a lot of reeally old people here plus I know the majority of the people here. So, I was wondering if there is a good mostly sliding/freeride wheel(since I do ride in a small hilly town) that either leaves a clear trail or doesn’t leave a trail? My current wheels don’t leave marks as far as I know and I’m honestly not sure why, my guess was always they’re hard enough to just skid and not… rip? or the remains are just clear. it does make a skidding noise so maybe the town folk would prefer silence over marks.

Jon Joe says:

I have Sucrose Initiative, Mosh series 78a X 65MM contact patch 36MM can I slides with those?

Meznik says:

Im 1m63 and I weight around 40 kg,what wheels should I get?Im a beginner and really want slide wheels,I’m buying a canyon arrow by landyachtz

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