Sector 9 Shoots 33.5″ Bamboo Sidewinder Complete Longboard Review –

Check out the Sector 9 Shoots 33.5 Bamboo Sidewinder Complete Longboard on Tactics:

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Rakesh Bahuguna says:

How respected is crusing style logboarding…..can u tell a few tricks while cruisig

Pd Damas says:

What would be a good board for going down hill not crazy hills

Nick__15 says:

How fast could you go on this before speed wobbles or anything like that

Yamaha 747 says:

Just bought this board, can’t wait for it to get here

Mike Wyatt says:

How flexible is this board? I weigh 135 lbs and I’m looking for a board that has some significant flex so I can pump around my turns. Thanks

cameron bailey says:

What wheels are those

Tactics Boardshop says:

@Somtoya Arinze Yeah, the Shoots would work well for you. Smaller boards are super fun because they’re more agile and responsive, making them great for transportation around the city/campus. If you want something a little larger, check out the Sector 9 Fractal. It rides very similar, but has a little more footspace for larger feet and wider stances. -Ross

EvilHero597 says:

would i be able to put my cailber 2s on it

Fede says:

Hi I’m buying this longboard is very small, really? I just want to go serve me?

Mark j says:

Hi, would the shoots go well with magnum v2 50 trucks?

Jonah Gamboa says:

Can u pop it up to grab it

The Liftedlegend says:

lol every buddy says the these types of boards aren’t good for down hill I hit about 40 ish and no speed wobbles I just had to adjust my trucks right and I must say its the funest board ive ever road mines slightly different then that it’s the 34in with different paint but its basically the same thing I’d highly recommend this board to any one who likes carving and down hill

Somtoya says:

Hi, I was wondering if this board would be durable for a 6’0″ beginner? I’ve been reading a few reviews on the board and most of them say it’s ideal for shorter people and/kids. I like the style of this board and it’s a pretty good size too. I’m looking for a cruiser that’s good for transportation and easy to turn and carry around campus as well. Would this be a good board for me or is there something better? Thank you!

Mythical says:

Hey, I was wondering if a Tan Tien would be better for free riding, sliding and some small hills than the Landyachtz Drop Carve. Thanks

Sergio Lowk says:

i just bought this board 🙂

Patrick Garcia says:

I purchased the deck only & ordered a pair of cheaper rkp trucks, do I need to have Gullwing sidewinder trucks or would really anything work fine? @Tactics Boardshop

Dakota Rose says:

Is tactics only an online store?

Bibu Maclennan says:

How flexible is this board? Im 5.7, 135 lb. i want a super flexible board to be able to have a smooth ride when going over rough surfaces. Is this a right board for that?

KHZ says:

What’s the weight limite to this board ? And to the sentinel 2 ?
Thanks a lot

Owen James says:

I’m wanting to buy my first longboard and I’m not sure which one to get. I know I want a Sector 9 and I’ve cut my choices down to the A.E.V complete, the Chamber complete, and the Shoots complete. I am 5’7” and about 120 pounds. I will use the board to get to classes, cruise, and just have a fun time. I will not be doing much downhill at all. Any help on which board I should get would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Rad-Dad says:

Super fun carving board. Drop-Thru Sidewinders are dialed for carvin’ it up. The bamboo flexes and has nice pop + the Slaloms are great wheels. Better than the carver boards and trucks imo… they are too high off the ground – 4×4.

Tactics Boardshop says:

@Ian Kuzma Yeah those are the Sector 9 69mm 78a Top Shelf Wheels but we unfortunately don’t have the Green colorway in stock right now.  All the new Shoots completes come with white wheels now.  -Ross

Dustin Fox says:

What is that red land yautz board with the fox on it called

Gary Miller says:

Could this play a dual role as a street carver/cruiser and a surf type skate (like the Sector 9 wave park)?

Tony says:

How much weight can this longboard hold?

Randy Rodriguez says:

Why is gullwing trucks not good for downhills

Dagny Laurnasaurus Lee says:

just picked up this board and im loving it ✌

Benny Teferra says:

For a beginner, which would you recommend between the Sector 9 shoots and the Sector 9 mini lookout?

Cameron Warren says:

hey, I have pretty good experience with longboards and carving. i currently have a 47inch pintail cruisers and it worked perfectly for where i lived because there were a lot of steep strait hills but I’m in school now and everything is flatland for the most part. i want to be able to carve like crazy and something that pushes quickly too. Im 6 foot almost 1” and weigh 180. i know this is a small board especially compared to my 47incher but if people can ride penny boards and what not, do you think it would be a bad choice to choose this board as fun carving commuter? @Tactics Boardshop

Olookitsniki says:

I’m looking for a good sliding deck, I don’t like concave too muck and I like little to be flex. Im thinking of buying just the deck but would this be suitable if I were to put some butterballs or another sliding wheel on it? Thanks

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