Sector 9 Sentinel II 37.5″ Bamboo Sidewinder Complete Longboard Review –

Check out the Sector 9 Sentinel II 37.5″ Bamboo Sidewinder Complete Longboard on Tactics:

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Andres Umaña says:

I ordered this board and I was wondering if the middle joint on the trucks is removable?

Kelvin Rodriguez says:

Is the board size 9.25

NickTheSlayer says:

Hey, how heavy should I be to ride this board.

greg rajman says:

Okay I guess I’ll be getting the sidewinder soon thanks a lot for all the help !

Dillon Calhoun says:

Hey, nice review, but do you sell just the deck on your website? I couldn’t seem to find just the deck, so a response would be much appreciated!! Thanks

greg rajman says:

Hi does the picture that’s on the website for the complete on this .. Does it comes exactly how the picture looks with the blue/silver trucks or does it come with all silver trucks.. Because I really like how it looks on the website

Brian Rogers says:

Got the board its soooo good makes me feel like im snowboarding in the summer

YouPooped YourTube says:


greg rajman says:

Thank you what do you personally think is better complete this one or the sector nine or the meridian 40″ drop through ? It’s just going to be for cruising/ going fast and just to get me places I like a board that turns well to

Hervé Abat says:

What do you mean removing the center joint? can you please explain what needs to be done? I have the sentinel II at home and I found it great but not so stable for long distance rides so I would like more stiff and less carving…

Blitzfrrb55 says:

Is this board/deck good for downhill? Not the set up but just the deck with another setup?

mason carico says:

haha 69 XD

rs.joshy says:

I’m just starting to get into the long boarding scene and I really like this board, think it’s worth it?

Willem de Lange says:

hey, should I get this board for mellow hills/kinda big hills? nice review!!

Berry Lacrosse says:

got this deck with sidewinder trucks , bone reds and butterballs. this a good setup for cruising carving and maybe some mellow hills? ik the butter balls are meant for sliding. I’m a beginner and this is what my experienced friend told me to get. good set up?

Astro says:

Hey, so I was wondering if this would be a good board to begin with. I actually was just looking at it on the Sector 9 website and so that’s what brought me to this specific video. I plan on just using it to cruise around with my bro’s. Hope to hear back from y’all!

Sergio Lowk says:

i just got a shooter 🙂

greg rajman says:

And one last question do they come complete assembled?

nh says:

What is the difference to the Sentinel?

btw nice reviews;)

Dennis Dumler says:

How is the second deck on the right side called ? 

Johnathan Hampton says:

I have just bought this board and starting to tryout sliding and wanted to know should I be sliding with this board at all.???

Renzo Cortez says:

can you do a review on the landyachtz switch 35 longboard? please and thank you…

ZanMatsuri says:

I actually just learned how to ride on this board and it was super easy (never skateboarded before). The unstableness took a bit to get used to but the board is amazing. I’m looking to buy another board. I was wondering what a good commuter board would be that could go faster if needed and maybe learning how to slide on it. Probably asking for a lot Lol but would love Opinions.

bugattirocksful says:

Can you do a review of the same board with the 10 inch gullwing trucks, the 70mm kryptonic wheels, and the upgraded bearings and stuff. I ordered one with all of the options and I am curious

bating carmona says:

Hello tactics boardshop. Is sidewinder boards are only for cruising and carving? Is sidewinder can slide?..

Luiz Barandiaran Guccione says:

Hey what is the difference to the sector 9 mini lookout? response pls becuase a want to buy one of both thanks

jalopy2222 says:

I’m a beginner 6’1″ 185lbs rider looking to cruise/commute to school. Live in a neighborhood with a few hills. Comparing this and the mini lookout which one would you recommend?

pale bucket says:

Should I get this board for cruising around bumpy pavement and a lot of flat terrain but a tiny bit of small hills?

Joynal Abedin Zubaeer says:

Be sure to read tactics review on my blog before you buy. Go to *jasonreviews. com/tactics-com-review/* Thanks. Ricardo.

daryle barden jr says:

For someone looking to get into longboarding how does this board stack up to the Cosmos Complete? Never been on a board. looking to just cruise around to have a lil fun. Mellow hills at the most.

Gary Miller says:

I am interested primarily in comfortable cruising and deep carving but would like to round it out with some cross stepping and, hopefully, add a shuvit while doing cross stepping. I know this is primarily a cruiser/carver, but can you add those tricks (It does seem long enough for cross step, but there seems to be no tail for a shuvit)?

anttonkanniainen says:

Hello! I’m going to get a longboard for cruising around city and streets and maybe some tricking too. Should I get this Sector 9 Sentinel 2 or Sidewinder?

Master Eagle says:

in this longboard can slide?

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