Sector 9 Mini Daisy Longboard Review –

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Tactics Downhill Team rider Ross Druckrey rides and reviews his favorite board in the Sector 9 lineup: The Mini Daisy.

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Troy Bergeron says:

Just got the board and thinking of upgrading the trucks to either Caliber II’s or Louis Pilloni Pro Reverse trucks. I already replaced the wheels with the race formula 70mm’s. Which would be better for stability at high speeds and just good for overall downhill.

Matheus Stanek says:

Im thinking about getting this board but I was wondering if this board is good  for stand up slides, is it?


Can I use this as a campus cruiser? Or will it be uncomfortable?

Renan B. says:

Can you help me please? First, do you use pads on your truck? And, how tight you leave your truck to slide??

Arnold Schwarzenigger says:

can i say something to benson

Hayden Stephenson says:

Should I get caliber 2 or charger 2 trucks on my mini daisy for fast freeride/downhill?

Cobey Brown says:

Hey Ross what wheels are you using on your setup in the maryhill clip? Much appreciated

Tactics Boardshop says:

@Joel Morales The setup that comes on the complete is pretty solid.  Charger II’s are great for carving/transportation but can still handle some solid speed.  The Butterballs are rad slide wheels, but if you want some more grip for cornering, check out the 70mm Offset Race Formula Wheels.  -Ross

OndrejStraka says:

Hey Ross! I hope you respond! I have some questions about this amazing board.
First of all, What is your set up that you show in the video?(Trucks, Wheels, …)
2.How would it feel if there were S9 sidewinders instead of original trucks?
Would it be worth the price or sidewinders are just not needed on this desk?
3.Landyachtz Peacemaker or Mini daisy(desk)?
4.What are the new features of Mini daisy 2015? 
5. More serious one, I am from Slovakia but I would really love to order this board from your site, but I am too afraid of paying more money while it will be transporting (Duties and Taxes) what’s your advice? 🙂

Ethan Coss says:

Could you guys do some reviews on Dusters boards?

273Awesomeness says:

I just got that same board with caliber 2 trucks instead of the gull wings. It’s my favorite setup so far. Everything stock except for the trucks. Highly recommended

Ondrej Straka says:

Hey Ross!! What do you say on Caliber II 50 Degree 10 inch trucks on mini daisy? 
I am worried wheels would   get in the way of my feet while pushing. Some guy from Tactics also recommended me 9 inch ones. But Also S9 Mini daisy comes stocks with Charger II 10 INCH. So it should’t be problem right? Or should I go with some paris trucks? thanks!

Connor Bollinger says:

What size wheels should I ride on the mini daisy? I’m thinking of using the Sector 9 72mm RFW. Can I use 75mm, or should I just stick with the 72s? Thanks

Karianne H says:

Hi, I want to learn so slide in mellow hills and was recommended this board. But if this is a board which is good for downhill its may not be the best for me, since I will not be going that fast..? And since I’m not as experienced it may be hard to footbreak with this one?  And do I benefit from this kicktail if I will not go off ground? Pleas help. Btw: Im 65″ and have small feets.

Matt Donko says:

This board or the sector 9 carbon flight? I am into fast freeride. 5 foot 7 and 130 pounds i weigh

Anchored says:

If you guys have any time, it’d be sick if you checked out our review of the Sector 9 Mini Daisy Review


Q Nathaniel says:

I have had this board since it came out and I love it! Its perfect for just about any style of riding. Its light enough and has a great tail to make ollies and other flip tricks  easier than it was for me on other boards as well. I have bought others after it and I always come back to it. Overall if your thinking about buying this board, get it! you wont be disappointed!  Perfect review Ross. One of the best for this board I’ve ever seen

HalfwayPrism says:

I’m looking for a good gift to give to my son for his birthday, he loves Skating and long boarding, do you think he’d like this?

zachary efford says:

i got thiS deck i am thinking about putting grizzly trucks on it should i

Tactics Boardshop says:

@Cobey Brown Those were Sector 9 protos, we’re testing out all kinds of new stuff!

Uncle Noah says:

What size shoe does Ross wear? I wear a size 12 and was wondering if this board would feel narrow when going fast into slides.


Can I use this for just cruising? Or is it a bad board for campus cruising?

Ian Overcash says:

ik this was made forever ago but im looking at the mini daisy and the sprocket, what should i get if i want to be doing alot of downhill and learn how to slide but also want a smooth 3mile ride to the mall like when using my sector9 sidewinder?

Armando Colon says:

What is ur donwhill setup for this board?

Dsynth-DylanRotich says:

Where is Benson?

Karl Marx says:

You could see the smile of cleverness as Ross made the younger sister pun

Armando Colon says:

Can someone tell me a really good donwhill setup for this board?

Fred S says:

Hey Man! Nice review. I have been torn between a couple of boards now for a while, and cant decide . Im coming from a flexy dropthrough and want to do more faster downhill and sliding/freeride. but will also commute on a regular basis. want a small light topmount with a little tail. ps: want to have the posibility to ride big wheels without whelbite.
 I was thinking about the arbiter kt but im not sure.. Is it alot heavier than this? I have narrowed it down to Arbiter KT, Wolfshark, mini Daisy, Sector 9 Javelin, Sector 9 Carbon Flight.and the rayne fortune. Afew more but you get the point.P,;) 
Appreciate Answer from you or aanybody else who knows what they are talking about;)

Mario Venegas says:

Finally. A good review. This is way better than just the spec overviews. Thanks, man!

Kidd Active says:

You Guys Should Review The Gravity Miura

yanis zerkhfaoui says:

can i redrill it? PLEASE ANSWER

Cobey Brown says:

Ok thanks a lot!

Oh No says:

Is this board good for smaller riders? I weigh about 125 lbs, I’m 5′ and have very small feet

carlos tandan says:

I am a size 8 shoe, and weighing 125 lbs, is this board good for me?

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