Sector 9 Lookout Longboard Full Review!!

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Will Long says:

I have literally the same board with a skull on it

zelzedo says:

Mine came with abec 9 berrings

Dank Memes says:

I got this for my birthday, having never ridden anything like a skateboard. It rides smooth and is very fun to just ride in general, however the grip tape is dirty AF. But it’s fun

Edmonds Entertainment LLC says:

I have that same board but the design is a Chinese tiger print over the bamboo.

Sara Murphy says:

Just ordered this board m/ (Love your background music btw) 

Thomas English says:

The red things you looked at were not the bearings. They were bushings. Bearings are inside the wheels. And I would recommend replacing those crappy ABEC 5’s with bones reds bearings. They are much better.

Nicolai says:

3:00    Move bjtch fvck out the way…… XD

Gage Afton says:

I feel bad for headphone users.

Coleman Kading says:

Are those trucks plastic

Elite xKaoz says:

Get some Adidas or janoskis or vans I recommend janoskis sbs

Clay Ware says:

I have this board

Dario Vukoja says:

Do you think a non professional deck , with a drop through , will break when jumping and stuff?

vinny troccoli says:

where can i buy the deck only at

Ewan Kinsella says:

Don’t like overall vid but love the board dude get out and tear it up

President_Gasman says:

He’s playing “Welcome to Paradise.” At least he has a good taste in music.

Kookie Jam says:

I also got a sector 9 longboard but mine has double trucks and it has different colors

BigBadMarketer says:

lol whenever I get something new, my dog always inspects it as well!

Coleman Kading says:


ian alderson says:

Uhhhh dirty yea first day of a good ride almost all black

Kyren Hamel says:

I don’t recommend this board it’s a piece of shit and I am not a hater I have hade that board before and it sucks

Chris Hebert says:

So I just ordered my first longboard (Horizon Complete) through Sector 9…but it looks very different than on the website. I get that the trucks and wheel color will vary. But it’s got clear grip tape instead of black, and the graphic design on the bottom is completely different than the one I ordered. Is this normal?

Xx Jish 171 171 says:

Than buy new black grip tap

Jordan Higgins says:

the flex is when the middle of the board bends and you tested the turn levarage

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