Sector 9 Lookout Bamboo 41 Inch Drop Through Complete Longboard Review –

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wickedsonic1 says:

I was looking at either this or a fractal. Im looking for something i can just commute with but also hit some decent hills on. What do you think?

Tactics Boardshop says:

Sure, you can carve with this board.

Wild Outdoor Living says:

I just picked one of these up as my first longboard. I’m definitely satisfied. I rode some downhill specific boards and some really carvy sidewinder series boards. I found the true downhill boards too difficult to turn on the types of cruises I like to go on and while the really flexy boards with sidewinder trucks were super smooth and easy to turn I wanted something a little bit more stable as I learn to pickup speed. I found the versatility of the lookout to be really ideal and it’s been fantastic so far.

Kalijah Mayfield says:

just ordered mine should be here on thursday thnx for the low prices tactics

Apex says:

What would be the best all around board for sliding, cruising, carving, and getting decent speed downhill, which can also be used for some tricks here and there? I was looking at the s9 fractal for a bit strictly because of the awesome graphics but now I’m starting to think that wouldn’t be so good for what I’m looking for.

Anthony Pepe says:

Hey man I’ve been taking a look at this board but I dont I dont know what an ideal price would be considering its 157 around where i live. But im curious if this a good board for a bigger guy im 6’2 240 lbs

Coleman Kading says:

Are the all black gullwing charger
50 degree trucks plastic?

Alex O'Boyle says:

Hey guys over at Tactics! I just ordered this board (finally) about a week ago and it’s coming tomorrow around noon which is Tuesday the 20th! Just wanted to say thank you for the help and advice and I’m super excited to ride this board!

SpyKid313 says:

Would this board work with 10” Gullwing Sidewinder, 1/4 sock pad, and 83mm Abec 11 Wheels??

Coleman Kading says:

Ok thank you

M walton says:

im thinking about getting either a atom longboard or a sector 9
which should i get?

Dylan Chong says:

How’s the turning radius on this?

mrebel1992 says:

Quick question. I was planning on getting the look out but wasn’t sure if I should get the mini or regular. I’m 5’10 150 pounds

Matthew Bowen says:

Anyone know any long boards that are good for cruising that are around $140?

danebengeschissen says:

Sector 9 Lockout or Landyatz Battle Axe which one is better for crusing/carving and do you know other good drop – through non pintail cruising boards?

M walton says:

Ok thank you for all of the replys!!!!

Troy Bergeron says:

Which would you prefer for someone who wants medium to sharp turns, can bomb some medium sized hills, and is just fun for cruising and overall.

ethiopianeyes says:

Review the sentinel please

That One Guy Tubbs says:

So this is good for commuting and bombing down hills right? What are the downsides to it?

joseph Sanchez says:

Hey Anthony so am I just I weight

Pablo R says:

So stoked to get the 2014 version! Was thinking about putting some Abec 11 bigzigs, but I don’t know if i will get wheel bite. Are bigzigs to big for this board?

Sioco says:

would the wheels on this board be ok for sliding?? if not could i have so recommendations?

Jonathan Kostka says:

I’m 215lbs and 6’2″ and I want to bomb hills. Nothing over like 40-50mph, will this board be stable enough?

Daniel Ortiz says:

god these reviews crack me up

Coleman Kading says:

are the all black 10 50 degree gullwing chargers plastic.?

MD46ter says:

I want to cruise and slide. What’s the best board

Alekssa Yo says:

Would this be a good beginner board who’s never rode any type of board before? I’m just looking to cruise, not bomb hills or sliding.

505Yomama says:

I weigh about 220 and this board holds me up fine

PenguinsFlySolo says:

Hey Benson is this an ideal board for a girl, first board, 126 pounds, 5’9

Tim Wiersma says:

Can you do a review on the Landyachtz Battle Axe Bear 40″ Im gonna buy it i think

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