Sector 9 Fractal Sidewinder 36 Inch Drop Through Complete Longboard Review –

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Marius Martalogu says:

Which board should I get? I’m 125 5.5…. Earthwing supermodel, sector 9 fractal, or switch 37. I’m looking for downhill, cruising and free style.

Nick Papa says:

will it be okay for sliding? im around 80 pounds

Bob Thornton says:

Looking for good board for free ride and good sized hills.

Kickbutlazer Gaming says:

How do the trucks and wheels work on some rougher roads?

Noah Shuman says:

I have had this board for a little over a year and i really like it. its great for cruising around on but i do agree with some of the other comments about it being bad for bombing hills because it is easy to get speed wobbles

Maya Sloan says:

You mentioned that there are better boards for commute? Which boards would you recommend?

Mimi Chuan says:

Hello. What Sector 9 board would you recommend for cruising as well as sliding that is around the price range of the fractal? thanks

Mark Vorontsov says:

Can u do a review on the sector nine drifter 2?

chacelarsen50 says:

no longer have this board? i want to buy another. my first got stolen

sang toews says:

is this heavy to carry around?

Dabkatz says:

does it has concave

Ferminz01 says:

I was riding the heck of this board yesterday and so far I really like it, would the northern lights be better than this one? Thanks

Joey Yuan says:

Is this better than the sector 9 fraction? I know that they are similar, but does the layer of fiberglass make a difference on the Fraction?

porcelain says:

how come it’s not a good board to commute??

MikelN1213 says:

Is this board good for just cruising in campus

Alvaro Lacerda says:

I’m looking for a downhill and freestyle board/longboard which one do you recommend? Thanks a lot

Tactics Boardshop says:

Well if you just got it, why don’t you ride it around and see for yourself? If I was getting a cruiser, I’d get the Krooked Zip Zinger or Tactics X Ninkasi cruiser. -Benson

Tactics Boardshop says:

The Lookout and Mini Shaka would work just fine for you.

mason tom says:

im 62 230 this too small for someone my size? thanks id like a board to carve

Tactics Boardshop says:



I love ur socks 😀

Tactics Boardshop says:

Krooked Zip Zinger.

Tactics Boardshop says:

It’s basically just a carving board.

Ronan Tattersall says:

I ordered that board with the image of that board and got a completely different board…..

Tactics Boardshop says:

What wheels on this board? Did you watch the video?

chuckdafaq says:

no this board sucks i had mine less than a year and it broke in half the other day don’t buy sector 9 also not stable at all speed wobbles 20 + mph sucks don’t waste your money

Mely skylar says:

What would be a good sized longboard for cruising and carving? I just want a long board to cruise around with that will give me high speed, I weigh 165 lbs. Could anyone tell me? I need to know by the end of the month.

Omar Didgmen says:

this board throws me off around 30 max. what board would you suggest for mad down hill speed and carves?

Aaron Schaffer says:

I cant decide between this and the lookout 2, I want a good all around board and want to bomb hills like in the 20-45 mph range, which should I get?

Axel Huybrechts says:

I have ! it’s awesome !

Tactics Boardshop says:

Switch 37, or even the Switch 35.

Victor Monteiro says:

I have,bitches

Masta Reapa says:

Can’t decide wether to get the fractal or the striker which it better for sharp turns and is more stable when going down a small hill

Jack vonArx says:

Is this good for downhill at 10 to 20 mph and will it slide ok???

TrapBeats says:

isnt it too small?

Tactics Boardshop says:

Unfortunately we don’t have that board, so we cannot review it.

Mimi Chuan says:

Trying to decide between a Fractal and the Fraction longboard. What difference does the carbon fiber make in the fraction as opposed to the fractal? Which would you recommend?

George Williamson says:

I just got some powerballs for mine and I love sliding on this board

Fruit basket says:

Is this ok for cruising and commuting and carving? I really am falling in love with this board and want to keep up with other boards while cruising and commuting

Gabriel Avila says:

Can you ride this board if your 270 lbs? Will it handle 270?

nicol3e597 says:

I have the same thing but the board i have is a regular skateboard and longboard wheels and im wondering if i can slide on it? Seemed too heavy to try .

Sunny Lee says:


Hidaaah says:


Cooper Gibbins says:

is there any way you can trick with this or slide at all? or is it only good for carving.

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