Sector 9 Dropper 41.8 Inch Platinum Drop Through Complete Longboard Review –

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Shehryar Asghar says:

Should I get this or the Sector 9 Faultline?

HICruiseJYKA says:

Is it good for cursing?

Mahmoud Shehata says:

I’m buying this as my first longboard… I was wondering should i fit it with the butterball wheels or should is stick with Dano’s Downhills 70mm 78a?? I’ll be doing cruising most of the time and i’ll give sliding a try

Atlas says:

I’m 255 pounds and I was thinking about purchasing the Faultline or this board. Which would hold my weight better?

HICruiseJYKA says:

Is it good for cursing?

Saul Mercado says:

Hello, I am looking for a longboard that is mostly designed for cruising, but can also go at high-speeds when you need it to. I’ve got a Mercer board, but for some reason, it slows down and doesn’t go for very long. I’ve used different bearings like Abec 5, 7 and 9. Bones Reds. And Bones Super Reds but it hasn’t really made a change. I also used speed cream, just one drop but it instead it made it worse. The board cost me $170 and I got really disappointed because my friends bought way cheaper boards that go way longer than mine and that are probably better than mine in every way. So I’m looking for a long board, preferably a sector 9 that is very good for free riding/cruising (same thing) but can also go very fast. It doesn’t need to be a sector 9, it can also be a Landyachtz or a Gravity drop board. I just need a board that will go on forever with just like 5 pushes. So if you could suggest a few boards or just one, then it would be very much appreciated. Please and thank you! P.S I was also looking at the Sector 9 meggs, kiss of death longboard and Gravity Drop Carve, Olas Azules. So I’d appreciate it if you could give some information about those. Thanks!

That Brown Shieeet says:

Hello, can you give me few recommendations for a drop down longboard?
I want drop down, because I want stability. Also I would like to cruise across the city, and late learn sliding. Thank you!
I have up to 200$ to spend.

Koia Drayton says:

with the right trucks

whitney j says:

this or neversummer clutch?

M walton says:

Sector 9 Dropper or meridian?
Many thanks

Tyler Sledge says:

What are the biggest wheels you can get for this board?

TheFujiApples123 says:

i just got this board yesterday and it has just the right amount of everything. love the orange graphics, but no coating on it so i expect the graphic to get messed up sooner or later. its just great for everything you wanna do, DH, slides, cruising,,,you name it. its a little on the heavy side though. but anywayy, vi love my new baby! ! -a chick who shreds

EDGE parkour says:

I keep going back and forth between this and the Faultline. Im a beginner and it will be my first board. What do you recommend?

Fernan Gonzalez says:

Do one about the quest super cruiser

Ty Hanisch says:

Is the concave very big because I love the big concaves.

Ben R says:

Does this board bend at all? And does it help to have a board that can bend for tricks? 

Michael Arballo says:

This board is heavy as fuck

evoxl bae says:

Shaka, dropper, or Bhangra?

Joel Stace says:

Is this easier or harder to slide than than the mini Shaka

Oscar Ambriz says:

PLEASE REPLY BACK!!! What kind of hills can this board bomb?

Jose Revenga says:

If I want this board for full freeride what could be the perfect set up?

assasin revenge says:

I like to do some free styling,fast,and downhilling what kind of long board should I get? I would like to go to $190 pthank you

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

Why do skate and longboard manufacturers keep using maple, a tree that takes decades to grow and ia becoming rare with its exploitation for objects like skateboards, when they can use bamboo that grows anywhere and grows in a matter or few months? In Hawaii they have tons of bamboo…

_Rosie _Mare says:

I love it i have it And Damm I lo e you store ^~^

HICruiseJYKA says:

Nice vid

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