Santa Cruz 40″ Lion God Drop Through Longboard Review

Here is the link for the longboard: or u can buy the board at the store instead of online if u guys don’t like waiting. 😂. Update the longboard bearings spin longer now because they’re broken in after 2 weeks of riding it.


Jonathan L says:

Don’t worry about how long your wheels spin for when you give them a flick on their own. It’s how long you roll on the street when you’re riding your board that really matters, and this is where wheels are more important than actual bearings. It’s all about the rolling resistance of the wheel itself. No bearing is going to change the actual rolling resistance of a wheel.

Bones Rough Riders & Ricta Clouds are a good example (but they don’t come in the larger size downhill boards use), and I’d say that the OJ Thunder Juice wheels are of similar calibre when it comes to ‘rollability’, plus the added advantage of a larger diameter to handle pebbles & pavement cracks.

I’ve even compared Bronson G3 bearings with no-name cheap bearings from China ($5 for a set of 8 bearings), and on the same wheel the performance is pretty much the same. Yes the Bronsons are okay, but not for the price you pay. As for ABEC rating, I’m not inclined to get tricked by that … anything can be branded with letters & numbers. Yes, you can still buy inferior bearings, but the point I’m making is that you can still get reasonable quality for minimal cost, but it’s a hit & miss game when it comes to shopping for bearings (lots of clones out there fellas, so beware of dodgy packaging).

Anyway, I’ve seen the Santa Cruz Lion God advertised as coming standard with OJ Thunder Juice 75mm wheels, but I’m not sure how consistent Santa Cruz are with their brand of OEM components, but I believe the Thunder Juice wheels are highly respected wheels, but I’ve not ridden on them yet. The Santa Cruz Lion God board is actually well priced compared to the cost of the individual components it’s made up of, so great value for the quality you get. I’ve seen them listed on TGM Skateboards website & Ebay store, where the overseas shipping cost via their website was about $10 for a whole Santa Cruz Lion God, yet on their Ebay store, they’re charging $25 to ship a packet of truck mounting bolts for an overseas order! It pays to shop around.

If I was in the market for a longboard right now, I’d seriously consider the Santa Cruz Lion God as a good bang for buck complete board. Thumbs up to Santa Cruz for fitting good OEM components at an affordable price.

Jhony Cruz says:

ha jamaican board

Elevated Emotions says:

Is this good for heavy guys …i just bought it

Ethan Lee says:

what is the material of the wood?

Johnnyboi 456 says:

Are the trucks metal?

jdman07 says:

i got mine not too long ago and the inner part of the top of the truck is higher then the outer end was it like that for you too?

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