Riviera Longboards Street Slayer 41.5 Inch Complete Longboard Review – Tactics.com

Check it out at Tactics — http://www.tactics.com/riviera-longboards/street-slayer-415-complete-longboard/silver-black-trucks-black-wheels/?cp=yt



Thanks for the review! I bought it

Ryan Kennedy says:

You have no idea how long ive been waiting for someone to do a review on this board. Thanks man

bigfatwyrm says:

more like the dervish…

Soy LleisonDePapel says:

I’m 220 lbs, will this hold me?

Jordan Adams says:

My nigga, Benson.

Eddy Cha says:

how does this compare to the cherry blossom board?

Bas van der Meij says:

i’m 220 lbs…andd it does fine for me 😛

Tyler Daubek says:

I got one for Christmas and it is amazing

Flowgrown561 Yuuuh says:

could it support 250+

Tactics Boardshop says:

yeah, this board will work fine for that kind of riding.

robbsnor says:

Great board, i am verry happy with this

Tre Groovy says:

You should review the apex 40 diamond drop by Original Skateboards.

Tactics Boardshop says:

Yeah, this will flex a bit for you.

Aaron Harp says:

is this board good for sliding

Dreadfulginger says:

I have this board for about a week and I gotta say I fucking love it.

Daniel de Plata says:

hey benson,
should i get this deck or the riviera king of kings? i want a dancing/freestyle/light freeride deck


LikeX3A5 says:

Why the axes are black and not red?

Tactics Boardshop says:

you’ll probably want to ride it closer to the trucks rather than standing right in the middle.

JustLetMeDrive says:

the best board i have ever had

Kei Ozeki says:

wondering how much flex does it have??

Nick Molloy says:

Can this board handle bombing hills without getting speed wobbles?

Flowgrown561 Yuuuh says:

could it support 250 +

jimmy pop says:

No more of a Dervish. It is just like a dervish.

Junior St says:

what wheels

Tactics Boardshop says:

that’s what’s good…

netsrock44 says:

if u water this board will it grow

Justin010 says:

I want this soo bad 🙁 The graphic looks fucking dope. Probally gonna get it for christmas. But I cant wait 🙁

SkateStreetSnaps says:

i can’t choose which of the two slayer boards i like best, so if i were to be cruising around town and possibly skating in bowls, which would you reccomend?

Mayo's says:

where are you located?

Eman7335 says:


GHLinkinmanuT says:

I weigh 164 lbs, will this hod me well?

jonny tovar says:

im not really into bombing hills but would this be a good commuter/freestyle board

Tactics Boardshop says:

love you too.

Buster Eshay says:

haha this was my third board. FUN BOARD . it can go fast. but i wouldn’t recommend using it for sliding . 
And DOPE graphic 

Renata De Vries says:

I like it

TheKiwiTimeLord says:

I’ve been riding this board since April, pretty good for pretty much everything tbh. I even raced with it, got 2nd, wasnt too bad. Was my bad for not doing a bearing service beforehand though.

Tactics Boardshop says:

Yeah, but it’d be best to stand towards the front of the board instead of right in the middle.

Tactics Boardshop says:

Eugene, Oregon, USA, Earth.

Patrick Dunn says:

fuck you benson u never reply to my comment

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