Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard – Review

In this video i take a look at my recently bought longboard. I bought this thing about a week ago, I was on a trip when it arrived so I have had it in possession for about 4 days. I’ve ridden this thing as much as I possibly can these past 4 days, 8+ hours worth…
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Overall this board’s target audience are beginner riders. That does not mean an experienced rider cant have an amazing time on this deck… I bought this board for $54 on Amazon, and it was my very first longboard. I spent a little amount of money to see what the sport of longboarding was like, and, I really enjoy it so far. By spending a little amount of money now to experience the sport, I can now understand the mechanics of the sport, how to take apart and build the boards piece by piece, and I can pass this knowledge down to my children and friends of mine. Now that i have experienced the sport, i can decide if i want to spend more money into it. I will.
34′ Inches Long
9′ Inches Wide (Widest Point)
24′ Inch Wheelbase
65mm Quest Wheels (Hardness Not Available)
6′ Inch Quest Trucks
Quest Bushings (Hardness Not Available)
Unknown Bearing Brand (Rated Abec 7)
7 layers of Maple plywood Deck with Artisan Bamboo on the top (and Bottom)
– Loosen your wheel nuts. These came tightened all the way down on my board, and when I loosened them the bearings spun a lot longer.
– My trucks came with a rattling kingpin, I’m looking into a fix for it, I will update this Description when I find a fix. UPDATE – I shaved up a bar of soap and put it in between my bushings and my trucks. It seemed to have cleared up the rattling of the kingpin… Try this if you need to.
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Angel Ramirez says:

Very helpful. Thank you

Jr Orozco says:

I hear the maple causes it the start cracking on the side

Dienotrix Trixer says:

This video got me so excited 😉

Black Market says:

quest cruiser boards are great but you have to buy your own wheels because the quality of the wheel they come with suck so I just buy shark wheels

Raging_Dogs7 says:

how do you like your board now?

Ian says:

I’m not a big fan of that camera angle at 4:36.

Cole Thompson says:

Walmart board = shit

mr. Man says:

quest is a cancer company x:

mr. Man says:

have you bought a real board yet?

Shawna Atkins says:

I love quest longboard it’s easy to ride it’s smooth I love it❤️

Kyle T says:

Not sure if you will read this but I am going to get the same one and you are very right that other board’s are expensive and I’m paying $56.99 for that one then like what you are going to do is to buy a better one later on when I get more in to skating

Ethan Ewan says:

Just ordered this and your making me more excited to receive it thanks!!

Conner bass2825 says:

I have the same longboard

bradley schilling says:

Take the top of your trucks off flip them and it will lower your center of gravity and add speed. The radle could be a number of things. Also get a set of orangitang nipple longboard bushings “the ornge ones” put one ornge on outside of trucks closest to the ground and leave the black bushing on closest to the board ittl make it super curvy i have these same trucks youll thank me lol

Chris McClure says:

Nice review, and thanks for the advisement on the wheels and such, your public service is appreciated.

cM says:

Great job! Thanks for the review, very helpfull

beloved says:

Thanks for the review! I ordered the board a few days ago and I always wanted a longboard. This video got me pumped

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