Pintails are synonymous with longboarding and for good reason. When one of the main roads in the city closed for construction we knew exactly what boards to ride.

Check out our Pintails!

Longboards featured:
Bamboo Totem Sunset Kid
Bamboo Pinner Handstand
Bamboo Chief Eyes



fenderfan85 says:

Are these much fun to ride?

Hennio says:

d a i l y l o n g b o a r d i n g with style, flow, fffffffffffun <3

Boba F. says:

Fucking gay mane! No connection with surfing but your stupid marketing script. Bummed

Keenan Graziano says:

Hey my names Keenan

Rhavin_the_alien says:

Looks fun to ride…..

Marra L says:

Bamboo Pinner handstand just got that yesterday beautiful board

Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

I’ve a got a short flexy bamboo board with big wheels on it and it’s super fun for lower speed carving. Your feet dig into the board and the wheels dig into the road, and then you get a bit of bounce out of the turn, for a sort of not so precise, but still predictable carving. 40km/h was tops for me because it feels fast carving on a board like that. Pushing, no, carving, yes!

K.Sully says:

I had one of these, and it was one of my main ways of transportation (My brother charged me to ride in his car).It was awesome, but a neighbor kid decided to go into my open garage and take my board. They stole the board for the afternoon without telling me, and left it under their dad’s car where it broke. The kid nor the parents paid for it because they said I should have closed the garage door. Now, I can’t buy a new board because it is winter and don’t have the money to buy a new board. Im thoroughly pissed at that kid.

Michael Rossi says:


super8ben says:

Didn’t realize Thanos liked to skate.

Ethan Lemire says:

hello, I love your boards!

Vladislav Serenko says:

(X) Doubt.

Łukasz Rafał says:

So much fun to ride

MAN197 says:

You guys should remake the battle axe video

Maria Stoica says:

the pintail is so fast?

marek Gnojek says:

I have never seen you ride on a road with paint stripes…

LuvBeautifulMusics says:

So much marketing and brainwashing .. still love y’all hahaha

marek Gnojek says:

Never wanted a pintail… now i do

Giacomo Flisi says:

So sick

Ian Henderson says:

no dancing

Michael says:


MILL3R88 says:

“feel de wind in your hair” They are all wearing helmets!!

K34N4N says:

How TF do you guys keep your hands from being demolished on that pavement? I saw no gloves XD

Jack Gowen says:

You should do a video on the new dodger because i feel like its an amazing board that is neglected

Crispy Memes says:

Guess I’m first, now give me your money
edit: seriously… now !
edit 2: I’m experiencing a severe lack of money.
edit 3: I don’t even want money I just want acknowledgement


I have a switchowl and I absolutely love it I eventually wanna get a pin tail !

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