Penny Longboard V2 Review: How Does it Hold Up?



Here is the long awaited review of the Penny Longboard V2!! I put the Penny Longboard through some really serious tests to see how it would hold up. There is a popular video of a penny longboard cracking as a guy tries to ground it out. I tested it, and I am pleased to say that the construction of the Penny Longboard held up! That being said, in my review I bring up a few big concerns that I have for the Longboard compared to Penny’s other boards; the 22” penny and the 27” Nickel.

As always, thank you very much for watching. Let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see.


SurrealZone says:


WizzyWuzzy says:

Has penny announced any more colors? Burgundy, Black and that teal/cyan color look cool but not my style.

WizzyWuzzy says:

Extremely great editing, especially for being such a small channel. Great vid, great review, Papa Bless.

TF2 C. says:

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this video!
And I think that in all honesty, I don’t like the looks of it but.

It looks super smooth to ride, while cruising around you feel the wind in your face and relaxed ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Anyways, great video Austin!
I would like to see videos of you cruising on your penny boards, would be really nice to watch!

Austin Black says:

Flex test is at 2:07

Maximum Carnage says:

This thing is too damn big. It scares me.

skater dude ethan says:

man my favorite is the penny longboards v2 no doubt

Kane's Thoughts says:

looking for a way to get around NYC, thanks for the video man. killer stuff

Kristin Garcia says:

It’s grown on me! I’d like to try it out at a beach or in Austin.

bunna97 says:

How does it stack up against the original 36″ from Penny? Is it just lighter or is it thinner as well? The V2 seems to be much more flexible in your video

Arek Prokopczyk says:

you deserve more subs, your vids are crazy high quality in camera and information

SecGen2G says:

Just bought mine, cant wait to try it today. I am not a longboard fan, just dont like the look of them. But with Penny its different, man i love plastic, way better than wood in my opinion.
Always were riding my 22 inch Penny, also for long distance like 17miles. But i think the longboard will be a safer way to ride and easier because of the size of the wheels and board.

coki says:

new subscriber here, really love your videos! keep it up man

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