Penny longboard review/speed wobbles

My review on the penny longboard and speed wobble story



Freya says:

get reaaalllll

bobby logic says:

it just takes time and practice. your body will eventually adjust and balance and you really won’t worry about wobbles

that guy says:

The Big H Plastic Batteri is better than that longboard you got

Award Winning Asparagus says:

wondering, when this vid came out, how long had you been riding?

Eve Wetmore says:

Probably getting in for Christmas but I’ve only owned 1 longboard before and this was two years ago and I’m used to it but still doin research on this one

Divebombers Longboarding Association says:

That’s so low how are you getting speed wobble I can go 68mph with any problems?

NotGriff says:

Tighten your trucks

Andreas Egersett says:

seeing as how your not going to fast then your cause for speed wobbles is the fact that you have not broken in you bushings. you can break them in by carving

Thomas Evans says:

Just bought mine recently and its awesome

Mini_nja says:

I have the same trouble with my penny longboard – it wobble SO MUCH plus it’s really heavy compared to the normal laminated wood ones.

Akmal Vlog says:

Are tou using the penny bearings

GRIZZLY BOY267 says:

in the video when I get to the stop sign if you go left it’s more of a hill I was at the very end of it

PunkAss Boarding says:

hey bro I’m a down hill skateboard you should change your bushings if those ones are to soft for you just a tip it would help with higher speeds

MarcusProductions says:

I love my penny board nickel

JKGamer says:

speedwobble? tigth the front truck a bit, still smuth turns but wont wobble in high speed….u can thank me later 😉

sincere says:

can I have one

Kyah Walker says:

to stop speed wobbles tighten up your trucks

Tumblehome Productions says:

Hi guys, I am trying to reach 100 subs before June 15, come help me with that goal!

skateristic skateristic says:

where did u buy your board from cos it looks awesome ?

MSIdleon says:

u could tighten your trucks

Billy gagnon says:

Speed wobble on a flat road BRUH learn to skate no hate tho nice vid

Sad boys 2001 ネコ says:

How not to get speed wobbles get low on that fucker

14sherrod Griggs says:

what is the weight limit for a long board?

Lila Smith says:

So, I’m no expert in longboarding, but I did a lot of research before I got my penny long board (which is fucking amazing). I read that the firmness of your bushings will affect how you speed wobble depending on your weight. I think it was if you go up in firmness, you as a full grown male will have less speed wobbles. Take it to your local shop you could probably get it swapped out for like 15 bucks. 😛

Zoey Vagner says:

get a real board made from wood

jason persaud says:

No you need to be a porfecional to ride a regular long board

jack Domett says:

You’re shit. Sort your life out and get fucking real

CJ_products says:

How much is a penny long board???

Christian Kraemer says:

Try downhill longboarding! Get a thick asf board and bomb hills at 50 mph lol

Sebastian Nava says:

what year did the board come out in??

Pookie1230Jackson says:

Did you buy this on amazon?

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