Penny Board Review, Overview, and Overhaul. Longboard Technology

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I borrowed a penny skate for a day, here are my thoughts.
Table of Contents:
Riding Impressions: 1:15. Technical Overview: 7:25. Overall Impressions: 18:43. Cleaning Overhaul: 20:08.

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TheLaXandro says:

Perfect commuting penny setup: normal skate trucks and 70mm rollerblade wheels. Smooth, light and fairly stable.


“free spin doesn’t mean anything” just so you know, It actually does for sliding/pre-drifting. if you leave just enough room to let your wheel spin you can control how much speed you shave off when you’re going fast, as opposed to just skidding to an almost stop because of the pressure of the wheels against the axle/nut. The more you know 😀

Wyocaster says:

What size of wheels were on that thing?

The Skating Raptor says:

Will penny trucks work on a nickel deck? I use my penny board every day but there is now very limited space for my feet.

Kenny Hempson says:

HI is it not better to use skateboard lube such as speed cream over the comical boat one you are using ?

TastenKombination says:

You and Ratvision really help to improve the hardware aspect of skateboarding and longboarding, I love your channel! (You should make a comparison to Ridge boards, because their quality is just horrible and so many people are still riding them)

Kuifkanarie says:

Hey man I really like you videos! can you maybe give me some feedback on my channel?

Nick Amarit says:

My opinion:

Built-in bearings should be standard hardware in all completes sold from all brands (all skateboard types: popsicle, longboard, cruiser, etc.) and wheels tightened properly from the factory. Dedicated “skate bearings” should all be in built-in shape.

Non-standard 8mm spacers and normal ball-bearings should only be used with wheels that have non-standard 8mm-bearing-gap cores (with 2 speed rings as usual). However, all skate wheels from all brands should be standardized to use 10mm-bearing-gap cores as well.

Paul Nguyen says:

What skate tool is that I like the full metal ones

David A says:

How about some skate shoes.

Liquid Crystal says:

I wish I hadn’t threw away my speed rings but I find them to be unnecessary, all they really reduce is the wear on the shield, but I have a spacer in the middle and my wheel is cranked down and it works great! MAKE MORE VIDS DUDE!!!

Liquid Crystal says:

I also PACKED my trucks with grease and it collected dirt around the bushings but other than that they are dead silent. Grease FTW!

Austin Lambert says:

Longboard tech, dude your vids are awesome! PLEASE don’t stop, I study them and helps me clean mine and work better. I got around 8 boards about and me and my friends makes boards too.


the channels gone to shit since the interesting dude left. just sayin

Louis Collings says:

how old are you?

Dirt&Smiles says:

That’s a lot of doll houses. Lol

kostya121212 says:

should I grease my ceramic bearings ?

Phillip Morrison says:

I actually prefer carving on my penny over my longboard. The crazy small wheel base makes it easy to carve really sharpe

Phillip Morrison says:

why use super thick lube? Most people I see use sewing oil

Tronycs 1312 says:

More Board review, overview and overhaul videos!!! that was very good

Freogeteknet says:

I have used silicone spray alot! Would you say that it is bad to use on bearings?

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