Penny 36″ Longboard Review

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I want to buy me the penny , but 100kg weight , when your weight ? thank you very much

Rakesh Bahuguna says:

hey do feet slip on the deck while slidimg…..i dont do massive slides

Aidan Martin says:

Oh my god, you are adorable. I just had to say this after I saw your face when you said “exatly” after the bearing spin

Reaper__23 says:

Good review. Ordered one from Sports Direct as well, for the price I figured it would be worth a shot.

Alberto Viñas Bernabé says:

I want to buy this penny , but not as enduring weight, can you tell me your weight to get an idea ? thank you very much Qwello

prudaas says:

Song? ;P

Alberto Viñas Bernabé says:

Finlay is the guy who appears in this video?

Professor Weaboo says:

Just buy a separate grip tape and it works so fine

Dario Ziarati says:

Can you slide with that?

Skits N Pie says:

Editing skills are awesome. Btw Awesome video dude thumbs up.

Satan's Child says:

where’d you stay bro? im from Scotland as well , i git the light blue board back at Christmas , these boards are sexy as fuck

Lou Alix says:

Do the french web site send you to France or they sens you to England to France?

Trøbins 。 says:

You are awesome just for telling me about sports direct but great video

pokehunter64 64 says:

the reason the bearing spin fast is the wheel is big more mass=more spin put abec 9 bearings in tiny wheels it will spin slower

MrPointlessPenguin says:

That’s a sexy looking reviewer

Elliot Freeman says:

Great video

Shortbread Head says:

here i’m glad I came across you cos I’ve been wanting a longboard for years, I saw this on sports direct n thought it seemed too cheap to be good, then I wondered if it was decent and also good in scotland because we’re exempt from the rest of the world’s weather lol, you make some valid points n made me realise it is what I’m lookin for anyway, so I bought it, cannae wait, went for the glow one cos nights are shite n too often, good for a midnight skite lol

G_E_C_K_O_O says:

Yeah the penny bearings are ok but as soon as you get the smallest amount of moisture in them they are fucked

TheTwitchybird says:

Hiya, you’ve probably been asked this before but would you recommend a penny longboard or a regular longboard?

Now, i don’t longboard, never have. However, getting to the skatepark on my normal skateboard is pain in the ass so i figured i’d buy a longboard for cruising over there.

Devin May says:

For those of you in the US like me, Cosco is carrying them for like $80 when the MSRP is $160. I got it for Christmas in the color scheme that Qwello calls “superman” and it cruises like a dream. surprisingly good quality from Penny with this board. Be warned though that the plastic they use for this board is a tad stiffer than the usual penny plastic formula, this makes for a better ride but it can’t pass a flex test as well as the old penny and the nickel can. it will usually snap right as it bottoms out on the ground. Still a very durable board and I highly recommend it.


I’m getting this long board from sports direct too XD.

Collin Nguyen says:

Ur voice triggers me

Orange Lemon says:


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