Original Skateboards Cruiser Longboards Review and Ride – Derringer and Pintail

Original Skateboards Cruiser Longboards Review and Ride – Derringer 28 and Pintail 40. Thank you for watching!
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Alina Syhanath says:

How do you like more Audrey or Auto?

Annette Liu says:

why doesn’t her coach teacher her how to push properly and foot position ??? why would you stand with your feet so close together you can’t learn to kick turn that way…

Zoe Petsch says:

Du bist so doof

Aceson Gaddis THE FURIOUS says:


TalaBear says:

the fact she thinks she’s so cool yet shes wearing a helmet

Trickshot Bros says:

Hat in the summer , awesome

Craig Melinn says:

instead of that song you could put you see me roling

Sheannon Carr says:

Hey I have both those boards and I love them try out krypton its boards plz I have the small crusher torpedoing

That Guy says:

3:02 Why were you zooming in on her butt

Fazbears Figures says:

Can someone teach her how to ride a board

Maiya Hall says:

why are people so mean? I don’t understand why people need to criticize everything. You have no right to do that. Just let people enjoy things.

Jedimani says:

oh no

legolas 1234 says:

not being mean but it just looks like shes going in staight lines not actually skateboarding

Henry Bui says:

when she said its awesome, how she rode it, it doesnt look awesome

Chris Avnia says:


tiger Skates says:

She. Sucks at skating

Mia Scotland says:

Normally I ignore hate comments, but this is seriously out of control. Why can’t you people just let her enjoy herself and have fun? Sure she might not be the best skater or have the best balance/stance, but did you when you were first starting out skateboarding? Just let her be a kid and let her be herself, all these comments saying that you will kill yourself, like why? What do you people get out off picking on a child?

Vlog Boi says:

Oh god …. when i first got my pennyboard i didnt even have to wear a helmet i didnt know how to ride till that night lol


how do YOU SKATE i still l;earning how to skate and I’m 10

Brandon Hernandez says:

U inspired me to drink bleach and die x(

prov36 says:

why the hell is she pointing her front foot foward

Robert Trent says:


SantaCruz Dude says:

That board is to big for her

Jarod Ames says:


That one kid ! says:

Wow waste of regular skateboard she bought one now long boarding

Kris Bish says:

how do you trne on it

Eric Haacke says:

I cry

Soul Collector says:

The music makes this even worse

Stephanie Skipper says:

why is she not wearing pads I skate and I screwd up my nees

Devansh and reeya The Vlogr says:

You can’t do tricks on those

Hostage P says:

Ok. I have just started skateboarding and im learning to get comfortable riding the board first, but god damn she is horrible

Wuggernugget :D says:

Can somebody send me the link to the video where she is riding a regular skateboard? Please!

SomeGuyInTheComments Hidden says:

Her voice is like my dad is raping me and forcing me to do this.

CADΞN says:

Dramatic music like she’s a pro, haha not even close.

Trickshot Bros says:

She holds all her board like they are 100 pounds

Kat.Slimes :P says:

I know I am late, but can everybody stop hating on her? She is a little kid here.. so why does it matter if she is doing it wrong… does it even involve u? So please be respectful

YourLocalHomie 222 says:


Turtal_ Cop says:

I can tell that those are really bad bearings why you ask well because she it’s pushing a lot more than you have to

حسين اكرم says:


Yvette Hov says:

I go white him

Series Achiraya says:

How do you buy

Veerle de Wit says:

It’s so sad that you have got so many dislikes, but I like you!

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