Longboard Technology Wheel Sheilds Overview/Review.

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Andrew Allen says:

nice grip tape job

Mr X says:

Im doing LDP (long distance pumping) we use kind of slalom set ups with very soft front truck and front foot as close or on top of the front truck.
Becous of this we end up with alot of raisers to handle wheel bites.
Could wheel shields help to eliminate wheel bites? ofc. they would kill the lean at the point where it hits the board but it could be worth it if we could lose some raisers.

chi2251 says:

Will you guys be reviewing avenue trucks

Jordan Fleming says:

will these fit both, the orangatang kegels and the abec 11 flywheels?

Phoenix Chastaine says:

Gay as fuck.

Spankwire Gaming says:

What trucks does he use

Max Rein says:

I still don’t completely understand what was wrong with the Elipsis board? During testing you guys seemed to like it

jibcano says:

That longboard trailer at 7:34 is really interesting, would love to see a video about that some time

Zplizor says:

I would use these on my electric longboard… Or will 3d print something simular.. as I hate water on my electronics and legs 😀

Ketan FakeLastName says:

Geez man, calm TF down and catch your breath. There’s no need to be so nervous on Camera.

mr mccoy says:

0:58 nigga doesn’t know how to tighten his bolts right

Richard M says:

It’s not enamel paint. That doesn’t even make sense on an item that has many recesses and cavities. Like almost all aluminum, it is powder coated, which is applied electrostatically and then heat fused. Would help if you had something more than just “guesses” if you want to be taken seriously.

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