Longboard Review: Shark Wheels

Comment any questions about the wheels or just general skating below!!

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Overall, really happy with the wheels. Although pretty skeptical at first because they are so different to anything else I’ve ridden before, they turned out to be better than expected and have a nice buttery slide.

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Setup: Loaded tesseract, Buzzed V3’s, Shark wheels sidewinder formula


Jonathan Franklin says:

Listen Obama. We’re not interested in your “change”.

Nimj1234 says:

When are you going to replace your gloves..?
-Maybe you should do a review on gloves in the future-

eddymeff says:

Stop pushing mongo

Nirvezz says:

Ive been street skating longer than surfing. I wish i could slide like that. It would benefit when i surf

Mr CowSLAY says:

What website can you get these wheels from?

Rémi Hoang says:


Shark Wheel says:

Great review guys! We are stoked you like the wheels! The set you were riding are 78a by the way. Our new wheels will have the duro displayed. We also have a new slide formula called MAKO that you may enjoy for more technical freeriding, they are 80a.

Tevin Say says:

you said they were pretty grippy compared to the other wheels you ride ? what are the others ones you slide easier on ??

Juan Delgado says:

Where can I get these

Chad Keveny says:

what size is your board? (length)

JustJackJulian says:

thus is fkn gay

SeductiveSoup says:

I’m 99% sure this song is Hilltop Hoods. Weather I’m right or wrong, can I get the name?

G Zig says:

Their main benefit is that the grooves allow them to roll over small rocks much more easily preventing sudden stops and loss of chicklets.

Chiara Brooke says:

I’m looking to upgrade my wheels, I’ve been using 78mm 80a wheels, would you recommend these for cruising or should I stick to the ones I got? Thanks!

Jesus Corona says:

The song said wearing that Cosby sweater

Aidan Tibbetts says:

Are they worth it

Shaka Plays says:

the hill you are riding looks perfect

Mixed Music Arts says:

good review

Jdsjy23 says:

You really wore them down in less than a day?? can you actually still ride ’em with any advantage or is it now just like a usual wheel? I wanna buy ’em too but when I spend so much more money on a wheel, I wanna ride it longer than a day!

Billie Whitman says:

How are these wheels going over medium/small rocks and debri? I do a lot of cruising around my college campus where a ton of construction is taking place and would love to test these out.

MrRideutah says:

I won some but just deciding if I want to mount them or sell them

Caesar Thegrandmaster says:

first skater that isn’t a drop kick had to sub

Marc Sopi says:

Hey guys, just wondering what bearings you’re running? P.s I’m from Australia aswell 😀

Parrish Pipestem says:

How did you learn to ride that well? I am just starting and its hard for me. Also you should make a video on how to stop on a longboard, that would be awesome

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