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Trevor Preston reviews the new 2012 topmount deck from Rayne, the Vandal. Suited for every situation, the Vandal is one of the most adept and versatile boards out there.

L: 35.5″
W: 10″
WB: 25.75 – 27.25

Note from Trevor:
Whaddup guys, I think I could’ve been a little more clear on my explanation of the relationship between board width, leverage and wobbles. Here’s what I was trying to say: Wobbles are usually caused by putting too much force on your back truck, which causes your board to jerk suddenly, which you then try to correct and overcorrect, starting the vicious cycle of automatic subconscious overcorrections that are wobbles. By narrowing the back of the board you have less leverage and therefore less force transferred to your back truck, so your chances of getting wobbles is reduced.


Lovemylongboard4070 says:

I whent from the landyatzh wolfshark 2011 to the Supreme and i must say that i miss the good stiff topmount fealing think im going to sell my supreme and buy the vandel or a other topmount.

Benny Bruschinsky says:

It was 00:20

Jack Steele says:

What’s the white topmount in the back?

laurolimon15 says:


Arnold Bamaca says:

My dream board

Riley Werner says:

Chubby Unicorn tribute in the background? It is on top of the loaded board rack…

maxime1661 says:

Are wobbles really caused by us trying to correct the board’s shaking in the back? Because when I run my trucks loose, and let go my board by accident, it will sometimes wobble without me being on it. Isn’t it the bushings that just rebound when you give too much leverage in the back of the board?

kfletcher483 says:


SinnedNogara says:

What’s the height difference between 50 degree and 35 degree baseplates?

Devon Sacre says:


wasid13 says:

is he riding a pike in the intro?

Liam Shapley says:

voice crack at 00:19 ? haha

Chubbs Eyes says:

it’d be kinda sick if rayne had made another optional vandal with a little added w concave for that extra locked in feel

ThePootang Handler says:

I don’t get bite with 83mm centrax on my grease hammer with my surfrodz, best dh setup out there

SinnedNogara says:

So no riser required? Nice

Jack Doyle says:

I dig the framed unicorn picture.

Grom Unit says:

I can’t decide between this or the Mini-Killer, I’m 5’1″

theelephanttaco says:

pretty sure yeah

808sk8ter16 says:

I thought it was a burger

BAHSfootball says:

unicorn in the backround?

Lukas Haubrick says:

would i be able to use biggie hawgs on this board?

hgdhjs says:


Matt Frazer says:

Can i have that

Arctcfox HQ says:

directional set ups FTW

ogfd kdsgsdfg says:

Can I use the Vandal with Caliber II 184mm 44°, O-tang Kegels 83a and 1/4 Pads without Wheelbites

Jack Boothe says:

LMFAO at the unicorn in the background

umyeahithink says:

tutone megalodon

Angus Burns says:

Hey what are those white boards up behind him there?

Trent Burton says:

I thought 1:00 was a sandwich

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