Longboard Review: Original Torpedo 40

This board provided Vision with his introduction to Original Skateboards and was so much fun he ended up owning half-a-dozen longboards with Original trucks. The Torpedo 40 started it all and is a fun, fast, highly surfable skateboard which moves like nothing else. Reviewed along the beaches of Los Angeles, come take a spin with Julie Westfall and Vision on the awesome Original Torpedo 40.


alexander adams says:

lol the italian guy was jokes as fuck

xxxgangstatuberx says:

whats wheels are you rockin on it?

emiliyo2010 says:

“never experienced something this bouncy”… o_o

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@dbaker10011 – Wheel sizes are really a matter of opinion. Depends on what you like and where you’ll be riding. Don’t go too big or you’ll get wheelbite. If you are on smoother surfaces, you can get away with smaller wheels – like 60 or 65mm. If you’ll be on rougher pavement, you may want to go up to 70mm or 80mm – but again, it depends on your setup. Go too big and you may get wheelbite when you turn.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@mrwii52 – Original offers some great bearings including many of the Bones bearings.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@TheMissBwown – Honestly, as a beginner, you have so much to learn that the board style isn’t a huge concern. Every board is going to feel weird and awkward until you get used to skating. If longboarding is your interest, both the Path 37 and Torpedo 40 should be fine. But truthfully, as a beginner, you won’t notice much difference between them.

Julie Westfall says:

yes! move here! its the right thing to do!

kevin liset says:

@SkateboardCalifornia I ordered the Torpedo 40, and I like big hills, so if I just ordered it with the 65 mm wheels and the trucks that come with it, is it good if I go to big hills, or will it be better if I upgraded them to larger trucks and bigger wheels??
and also are the Abec 3 bearings any good?

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@10pandemic – Depends on the hill! Mellow, rolling hills? Super fun! Mountain roads? I wouldn’t try it. However, I’m also not an experienced downhill rider. I’m not very good at check-slides and I’ve never done full-on powerslides to control my speed. So, a more experienced rider could definitely handle this on larger hills than I can.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@lightodark – I’m about 140lbs.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@Hufmagoo – Original themselves recommend wider trucks for hills. Like the Custom 45 (which I think is now the Custom 44) comes with S10 trucks. Those are the widest trucks on their longest board. Contact Original and ask them. They are very good with customer service and respond really well. Especially if you call them.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@xxxgangstatuberx – Wheel specs are at 1:06

Tyla10642 says:

@mrwii52 if their not Bones their crap, trust me. i learned the hard way…

MotoBoy says:

@RichiesBetter Tech support is great and they’ve already replaced several parts of my board free of charge after warranty expired. Anyways, the problem with these trucks are that the locking nut rubs on the baseplate and degrades the metal resulting in a very shaky, unstable truck with a rattling noise (it isn’t a broken wavecam). It happens fairly quick, in about 4 months if you ride a lot! They also squeak like hell even if you clean em and lube em.

mauisurf95 says:

lol endorsed by the pope my ass lol

Dick67 says:

man those trucks look amazing! I couldn’t believe a longboard could turn so tight

RichiesBetter says:

besides original’s review of this board, this is really good. i crapped my pants at the 1 free sin. that was hilarious! good job guys. oh yea i just bought this board with S8 trucks, Orangatang wheel, and ceramic bones reds bearings so im pretty stoked!

ollie63m says:

can you bomb hills on this board ??

WhatYouWant89 says:

thanks for responding. i dont want to just keep asking you questions but there is no skate park in my area and i dont know if i should ask the town i live in to build one or travel 20 min to another town to skate in a skate park.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@ollie63m – I can’t because I suck at bombing hills! But, I’ve seen other folks do it in videos. Check out the Original Skateboards channel on YouTube and you can see some Torpedo 40 videos.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@minimi535 – Yes, you can definitely get wheel bite if the wheels are too big. The Original Skateboards website has all the specifications of what combinations will work when you buy the boards.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

All depends on what you like. S6 are super-carvey. S8 are more stable. Check out the video I did on the “Soul Ryde” board to see the S8 trucks in action.

Icey Yoe says:

haha wtf is that dude talking about, I love it =)

The Turtle God says:

why the FUCK would i steal my sisters underwear?

novakmast21 says:

someone told me the trucks on that board are heavy and i wanted to get one so are they heavy or not?

WhatYouWant89 says:

do you recomend i move to california to start a skateboard career just wondering

kevin liset says:

@TheMissBwown first, the path 37 is out of stock now, and Original takes for ever to make more, the torpedo is very good for cruising and carving, but like you said if you want ALOT of cruising and a lottle carving, go for the Malakai 40, it carves like you dream, and slides with incredible control.

mathew bocquet says:

@TheAandTvideos are you for real…..cuz if you are you take shit to seriously

silure says:

i’m thinking of getting one but im unsure of the flex, at about 180 pounds do you think i’m too heavy for it??

SkateboardCalifornia says:

If you want a career in skateboarding, you’ll need to practice all year long. You don’t need to live in California to have a skateboarding career, but it does help to live in a place where you can ride year round.

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@RichiesBetter – Thank you. I feel the same way! I think the cinematic, skating and editing quality of the videos being produced by Original Skateboards are better than mine. But, I like to think what I’m creating is higher quality than almost everyone else! So, I’m happy that you noticed and appreciate my efforts!

Tyla10642 says:

@bradcto you can, just not too tight cuz i heard that if you do your wave cams can break)

BOB Billy says:

Honestly one of the best boards to start of with 

SkateboardCalifornia says:

@novakmast21 – They are slightly heavier than traditional trucks, but their weight has never been a problem for me in any way.

Electigo says:

@mauisurf95 yea i was like wtf the pope get out of here with that

Keilan Davidson says:

review a kryptonics torpedo

Brittany says:

… okay maybe not kill somebody cause that’s pretty badd 😛 hahaa! I love that guy

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